Saturday, September 16, 2006

Drama is good

The Rox won game 4 tonight to force a decisive game 5 in the Can Am League Championship Series... and it will be none other than John Kelly on the mound against Gabe Ribas, the man who won game 5 against the Spirit.

It should be quite the showdown.. and I'm rather pissed that I can't listen to it.

It's at 1:05 PM tomorrow, should anyone be interested in attending or listening.


DaveCo said...

Ya gotta hand it to the Rox....they might be the new New Jersey.
*get the reference?*

Good luck much as I dislike Brockton,I hate Quebec more. I'd rather see Brcotkon win then Quebec.

benoit emond said...

i was there tonight and last night and its been great baseball. the crowds have been small but noisy and many people have been nice to me when they've seen my spirit shirt. spike has been representing the pride the past two nights.

i must admit that i have undergone a metamorphosis. i went into last night expecting to root for quebec but i can't do it. i hate them. i don't want them to win more than i don't want brockton to win. once i saw laplante i knew that i wanted brockton to win. also -- i yelled to eddie lantigua to "win it for benoit!" and he ignored me.
its been an honor and a prvilege to hang with spike at the games.he yells "CHARGE!!!!" very well.

i'm looking forward to game 5 tomorrow -- we have our tickets already --- mostly because --and i'm not kidding here-- RICHARD KATZ is the home plate umpire tomorrow. you know that he'll screw something up bigtime.

hey joe -- have fun (its good) at louden.
dave-- get your butt down here to brockton.

man i hate that laplante.

DaveCo said...

I'd go but transportation is a problem....that and Cassie and her family invited me and Eric to go to a cookout.
Since I can't get to Brockton I'm going to the cookout. If I could you know I'd be down there to see Kelly pitch in a game 5.

SoSayethI2006 said...

I think I'm gonna' go.....
Which Jersey to wear?...
or one of many SPIRIT jerseys?.
I no can make up my mind.

SoSayethI2006 said...

I agree Benoit,
Katz will NO DOUBT screw sumpin' up; he thinks HE'S the show.

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