Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fun Not So Good

Quebec takes game 1 of the CALCS, 7-2

I really wanted to listen to the game tonight-- maybe even in French, since by the end of last night, I was starting to understand what was going on. Alas, I had a ton of crap to do and wound up not listening to it.

Brad Guy got roughed up for his 2nd consecutive playoff start... couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Although I'm not rooting for Brockton to win this series, I am rooting for John Kelly to pitch well tomorrow in game 2. It'll definitely be a critical game for Quebec, faced with the task of playing 3 straight @ Campanelli.


benoit emond said...

here is a case where game 5 of the spirit's series was scheduled for quebec and the reason that i got was "travel issues".-- BUT -- brockton has to wait to see who wins late monday night and then they have to be in quebec on tuesday. if brockton can get to quebec that short notice why couldn't our series move back to lynn for game 5 like it should have????

benoit emond said...

joe -- who will win the nascar championship ???

no -- i'm not going sunday -- too much homework

my prediction for sunday

5. SADLER -- i know you'll like
that one

Joe Grav said...

hahahaha If Sadler comes in the top 5 i'll do whatever your homework is for you.

I think Kenseth will win the title and will start it off with a top 10 on Sunday.

I'm thinking an overly pissed off Tony Stewart will get the win Sunday, but watch out for Harvick & Johnson.

I'll take some pictures @ the race sunday & post a link here

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally benoit...just another example of Miles Wolff not knowing what home field advantage is.

DaveCo said...

Good point beniot...but what's doen is done now.

I hpe Kelly pitches well tonight...I still have emense respect for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe!

Are you going to Brockton this weekend (I MIGHT).

-- Josh

P.S. Might go to the BC vs. Buffalo game on 10/28. Sorry about the Spirit, I wish I could do something!!

Joe Grav said...

I'm not sure if I'll be @ a game in Brockton... I'm thinkin' about it...

If u go to the BC game let me know, I'll be in the student section wearing my Superfan shirt

SoSayethI2006 said...

The SPIRIT just claimed an outfielder off waivers; Carlos Rodreiguez.
I wonder if that is good news and/or grounds for celebration?.

DaveCo said...

I would say yes,but I'm still not 100% sure that this team will stay here or actually exist next year. although I'm leaning more towards we'll be here next year,that's really nothing. They could decide not to come back in less than a week and just get rid of everyone....nothing's written in stone just yet.

I'd like to say this is ground to break out confetti,but I honestly can't say that just yet.