Thursday, September 07, 2006

Game 2

It was two years ago that Keith Dunn and his weird-ass, stutter-step delivery shut down the Spirit in game 2 of the NEL Divisional Series at Fraser Field to equalize the series at 1, putting the Spirit in the unenviable position of having to win 2 out of 3 in Quebec in a season when Les Caps were nearly unbeatable at home. And although the Spirit have proven time and time again that they can do it, I'm not exactly tickled by the concept of having to win 2 out of 3 up there- so beating Dunn tonight will be absolutely huge.

Matt Bishop has been surprisingly dominant this year and we all hope he can keep that up. But at the first sniff of trouble, Kennedy should get the hook out. The Spirit 'pen was STACKED in the regular season. The additions of Trout and McNamara to the bullpen in the playoffs makes the 'pen strength borderline ridiculous. This is the #1 difference between this year's team and 04's team- and JK must use it to its full advantage.

OK, 6:05 start time, game 2... let's give ourselves a nice cushion before heading north.

And once again, let's make a lot of noise.



SoSayethI2006 said...

Dunn is a workhorse who throws lots of innings, second only to Ribas for Quebec.

His won loss record is less than stellar @ 4-11, in part for his propensity to give up the long ball. He hits batters frequently (like Ribas) cause he tries to pitch inside. He's not the same pitcher he was two years ago. Still strikes lots of guys out; patience at the plate will be key.

He can be had, we'll need guys like Rowan and Wishy to step it up to take some of the pressure off Vic.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Joe, Remember when Nelson Teilon hit that absolutely friggin' HUGE HR in Quebec?.
I thought I'd go berzerk!.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

wow, i wish i was there. u guys gotta be extra loud for me!!!

wooden said...

One leadoff hit the entire game ain't going to do it, kids. Throw in eight strikeouts, a defensive meltdown in the 8th, and it's no wonder Quebec put up nine runs. The only bright side is the three-run rally in the 9th; perhaps it'll carry over tomorrow night.
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