Saturday, September 23, 2006

Off topic: BIN LADEN DEAD?

It's all "speculative" right now, but I sure hope that this is true:

Back to fun 'n' games...anyone else nervous about these next few 'critical' days in Spirit franchise history?


Jack Suslak said...

It would be good if that was true,but they would have many more people still wanting to hurt us.

Speaking of hurt, I dont know bout you Joe but I'm sick to my stomach after watching that choke job by BC

DaveCo said...

I think it's true,I hope it's true,but w/e........speculations suck.

Speaking of speculations and such,I am nervous about these "next few 'critical' days in Spirit franchise history". Everything with this team moving or staying is speculative. I HATE IT,I WANNA KNOW ALREADY! :-[

Anonymous said...

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