Monday, September 25, 2006

The plot thickens

According to a commenter in the last post, the Spirit are "on the verge" of being sold, but the new owners are looking for "certain assurances" from the city of Lynn, or else they will fold the team. This leads me to two thoughts:

1) The Item story was wrong in saying that Nick is considering moving the franchise somewhere else (although I suppose I should never be surprised when the Item makes a factual error)

2) I'm inclined to believe that these new owners won't get said assurances from the city. I don't think the city really cares about the existence of the team anymore. Sad, but true.

And another thing: Let's assume the best-case scenario goes through, and a new owner that isn't the Goldklang Group buys the Spirit and keeps them where they are, with added concessions from the city.

I know we've all had our problems with Nick Lopardo (me more than some others, in fact), but... aren't ya gonna miss the way he runs things at least a little bit? I sure hope that we keep Kunion and the rest of our player procurement staff, and I hope we don't lose the commitment to building a good team... from the perspective of a fan, you have to love what Nick's done. He's stayed true to the game without making a mockery of it, and he's consistently churned out good teams. I know that what's more important at this level is the business aspect... but from a fan's perspective, you have to be a little worried about what would happen under a new regime.


DaveCo said...

Yeah,the Item isn;t the best sopurce for anything at all,and I'm now more inclined each passing day that this team will be sold.

Why the city doesn't like the team and the revenue it creates I don't know....but they must realise that losign this team will hurt the city. If Nick ALONE leaves then this city will unknowingly lose one of the best peopel to happen to this city in a long time.

If Nick leaves then I'll be deeply saddened. He may not be the best of people sometimes (see:joe's experiences),but damnit he's a great guy in the long run. The city hasn't respected what he's done adn treated him like shit. Like I've said before,I wouldn't blame him.....but I don't want that to happen.

If for some reason he does lewave and a new group owns this team,the least they should do is look over all the managment and stuff and take a moment to decide who should stay or go,because most of the guys are great.

God.....I hope we know what's going on soon...THE SUSPENSE IS SLOWLY KILLIGN ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the article in the Item? I would love to read it and haven't had the chance. I must agree with you all, Nick has done the city of Lynn nothing but good and they treat him terribly. Sure he does some things that some don't agree with, but for the most part he means well and he puts a good team on the field and as fans, that's really all we should care about.


A Spirit Fan

wooden said...

I haven't seen anything substantial that indicates the Spirit are about to be sold. Nick can complain all he wants but he doesn't own the team outright. Also, bear in mind that the decision to fold usually comes in midwinter or later. I strongly doubt we'll hear anything after tomorrow's meeting (assuming the Item got that right, which is a shaky assumption at best).

I've also recently heard that Marv Goldklang isn't as interested as previously posted, but bear in mind: 1) The Rox are ADVISED by GKC, not owned
2) The Rox ownership group would need some financing to buy out Nick, who'd undoubtedly make sure that he got as much as indy franchise goes for.

Bottom line, kids: We don't know anything - we only have suspicions and speculations.

Joe Grav said...

Great, uneasiness..we needed more of that in this situation

benoit emond said...

i see that the item says that nick will make his decision today.

they claimed zach strong off of waivers today. that has to be a good sign. why claim a guy if you are dissolving?? it's encouraging.