Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reader poll

As we enter the offseason, I know we'll have a lot of interesting conversations about news, rumors, etc.

I also know that last offseason, we had a rash of anonymous posters who came in here and hid behind their anonymous tag to sling shit and try to cause trouble.

I've considered banning anonymous posting a few times if for no other reason than it's really confusing to have conversations with two or three unidentified people-- you never know who you're responding to/having a conversation with.

But on the flip side, anonymous posters can chime in with useful information and breaking stories that we laypersons may not be privy to; additionally, I don't want to victimize people who don't read the blog often enough to register but still want to make comments.

What do you think- should I ban anonymous posts or not?

I'm thinking of (at least) starting a policy where I'll delete anonymous comments that aren't 'signed' at the end by at least a pseudonym.

Here's a guide to anonymous posters as to what they should do.

Hay J0e, <--address your comments toward the person you are responding to, to prevent confusion.

Yoo suck. I am s0 much better than you b3cause I work 4 the Spirits and Im intelligents. It was t0talY rong to trade Jon Kelley!!! Kelley was rly nice!!
And BTW Kennedey is a gr8 manager bcause he's a manager and you're not, and since you're not a manager you're not allowed to decide who's a good or bad manager! Which is why I'm proposing a constitutional amendment that says only ex-Presidents can vote for President... I mean... how can average scum laypersons understand the time and commitment that goes into being the President? If you've never been the President, you have no right judging how good of a job he's doing. <---this is where you place the body of your condescending message

-BUterriers01 <--here's where you put a pseudonym so people know who they're answering PS BC Sux!


TonyTheTiger20 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TonyTheTiger20 said...


for those of you who dont know, this is in response to some retard on ne fan (or whatever it was) that ripped on joe that joe, consequently, absolutely ripped apart.

someone said something about joe going to a prestigious university (boston college), and then this person said that BC was in fact a college, not a university. but it IS a university. theye neglected to look that up.

anyway, it was quite hilarious. u should read it some time. lol

"Dear TonyTheTiger20:

u really shouldnt criticize Osama bin Laden. We may not agree with all of his tactics, but none of us can really understand how difficult it must be to launch a jihad against the most powerful country in the history of the world, all the whild peeing in a plastic bag because u have liver problems.

so back off bin laden until uve launched your very own jihad, and appreciate the war on terror for what it is: filler for the 24 hour news channels that would otherwise be filled with talking heads bashing celebrities.

I'm better than you because i wrote a long and even-keeled response to your (in my holier-than-thou opinion) irrational blog.

Go to the mods and get drunk, you Jesuit ass-clown.

Very Truly Yours,


PS I love the celtics. and the terriers are undefeated in football. bite me!"

SoSayethI2006 said...

Ban the Anonymous posts....fuck em'.
I too have from time to time said MANY stupid and/or irrational (read ignorant) things in this blog. I have even done it anonymously.
It's too easy, not to mention confusing.
Step up and sign the ledger.

benoit emond said...

i'm contemplating going to brockton tonight ___ anyone going???

benoit emond said...

joe -- i think that you should let the "anonymous" posts stay. when i see an anonymous post i automatically assume that it is someone in management or someone related to someone in management.
the now famous"anonymous" post that began "boys,boys,boys," was obviously written by someone in management. i have heard that phrase used by someone with the initials B.C. before. i don't know if it was him but it was someone in management and i want to see what they have to say. if it is someone who is just fooling around i can ignore it. let it all come in. these people identify themselves by what they write.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

i agree with benoit.

we dont have to take the idiots seriously. shouldnt punish the good for the actions of the retahded.

DaveCo said...

I think that anonymous posts should be deleted. It gets confusing after a while with all the different ones. if you want to still reman anonymous I say you choose the "OTHER" posting feature below and choose "Anonymous A" or "Anonymous B" or soemthing like that for a name. Keep it kind of organised without revealing an identity. That option should only be open to people whoi aren't really "supposed" to post here.
If you are not associated with the Spirit office or managemet or team then choose "OTHER" anfd make up a name to stick to.

Just my opinion....

PS: I just posted this WITH that "Other" posting option as my name. I won't again,but I did just to show it can be done.

average fan said...

I vote 'let Anonymous stay'. I think it's starting to become somewhat amusing. For the rest of us, I'd like to think that we choose our words a little more as to not insult or hurt anyone.
I'm not sure that Anonymous has ever listened to any sports talk radio show in Boston. The comments made recently that set him off were average to what Red Sox fans have been crying about the last month

benoit emond said...

Who is going to Brockton tonight??

Joe --- bring the sign
Wear Spirit gear
Be there

you to Sparky and Dave and Spike

Joe Grav said...

If I go, I'll go in a Spirit jersey with a paper bag over my head

DaveCo said...

HA! I wanna go to brockton and piss them all off like that....but I JUST got back from filming a football game and my legs/arms are KILLING me. :'-[

If anyone goes,tell me how you were recieved and how much beer you think was bought by your row alone. :-D

Anonymous said...

If you ban anonymous posts, you lose my (infrequent and not terribly earth-shaking) input, as I don't care to be on any lists.

An alternative is for the moderator to edit the blog more actively. Delete the shouting match; delete the stuff about Osama bin-Laden and "money-making opportunities"; and, now that you've reconsidered your comments on the death of the manager, simply go back and cut it away.