Friday, October 27, 2006

Fairly big trade

North Shore: Traded OF Andrew Wishy and RHP Kevin Rival to Worcester to complete an earlier trade between the two clubs.

Well, now we know how we were able to get Cordova for "nothing" late in the season. I guess ol' Rich Gedman knows what he's doing after all. Wishy was a good player, but he had his ups and downs.. we can replace him. I think we'll really miss Rival's arm in the 'pen. He was part of a lethal bullpen. Pitching was certainly never the Spirit's problem last year.

It kind of looks crappy when you think of it as just sort of losing two players who were good, but if you think about it in the context of adding Cordova, it's not necessarily a bad deal. The Spirit will be strong up the middle next year.


benoit emond said...

i was under the impression that andrew wasn't coming back here anyway -- but worcester will be really good for him if he goes.he'll get proper coaching from gedman that will keep him out of the prolonged slumps like he had this year. we'll miss rival.

DaveCo said...

my thoughts looking at this were:
A) We can do without Wishey,and maybe he'll do good in Worcester.
B) Why Rival?? Cordova is a good player,but to give both Wishey AND Rival I think was a little much. He was a big part of the 'pen this past year. The only way this could turn out bad is if most of our bullpen somehow vanuished from last year. As we all know,the Spirit's bullpen history as been I hope that this doesn't somehow nip us in the butt.

ALSO,I think a bunch of us should all get together one day and hang out and stuff. It'd be cool to see everyone again and reminise about the summer and tell assorted jokes again.

wooden said...

Trades in the offseason are about as meaningful as a Paris Hilton autobiography, given the propensity, as Benoit alluded, of players to retire or play elsewhere.