Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Notes from the Nitpicky

I know there's a long time til next season, but it's never too early for me to make the following desperate pleas to any Can Am media types/ PA announcers out there, to prevent the misery of a 2007 that continues to be full of misuse.

1. The name of the team is either "Les Capitales de Quebec" (en francais) or "The Quebec [City] Capitales" (in English). It's not "Les Quebec Capitales." And it's most certainly not "The Quebec Les Capitales" (ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The North Shore The Spirit!). I think "Quebec Capitales" should suffice as the norm; it's nice of us to use the French name, but at Le Stade, they use the French names of our teams (Les Spirit de shore du nord I think is ours), and we seem incapable of properly doing the French anyways. English it is. No franglais.

2. Sticking with Quebec:
It's SEE-mone, Le-GAIR for Simon Legare. It really isn't that hard. Ask someone before the game. Seriously.

3. Repeat after me, 1000x times:
LOCATION OF TEAM: New Haven County

LOCATION OF TEAM: New Haven County

LOCATION OF TEAM: New Haven County

etc. etc. etc.

Few things pain me in this league as much as hearing announcers stress the first syllable of "county" in the phrase "New Haven County Cutters." The only thing worse is when someone actually says "County Cutters." For the love of fucking God, it's the New Haven County..Cutters. Pick up a goddamn media guide or something.

4. It sounds really weird when opposing announcers pronounce it as "NORTH shore" as opposed to "North SHORE." I'm not sure how to better explain it than that, but anyone who's heard the varying pronounciations knows what I'm talking about.

OK, media types, have a fun offseason!


wooden said...

Sorry, Joe, but locals everywhere have differing pronunciations for cities and regions -- you can't tell me you've never heard someone pronounce the North SHORE's repository for the nouveau riche as Marble(pause)HEAD?!

Joe Grav said...

Yeah, I guess the last one is really just personal..but you can agree with me on the other ones right?

Joe Grav said...

marbleHEAD is not as bad as PEA-body, which my out-of-state friends like to call it.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

i call it peabody :-\ or did, until i learned that the legit pronounciation was PEA-b'dy, and it wasnt just a boston way of saying it.

regardless, joe, your a comic fucking master.

and i agree with just about everything you said (theres a fuckin surprise...)

"For the love of fucking God" lol


ps Jimmie Johnson is still a douchefuck.

SoSayethI2006 said...

It seems to me...

Oh never mind.

benoit emond said...

when i want to know how something is pronounced i ask willie.

you're right about jimmie johnson -- i thought he was going to cry on sunday.

benoit emond said...

SPIKE -- how are you doing sir?? i see that the elliot ayala era has begun in nashua.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Can Ya' Imagine the dinner conversations at Willie's house?.

Joe Grav said...

I'd rather not

DaveCo said...

1/2) Ya,unless Ben can learn French properly stick with English for everything....and Ben,get the names down. :-p
3) LMFAO!!!
4) I'm a little confused (surprise?). O__o

And I'm laughing pretty hard at that Willie thing,and I would hate to find out how much money they spend per week on groceries.....