Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Slow news week

After a flurry of activity a week ago, this has been a fairly slow week as far as Spirit and Can Am news goes, although I'm anticipating we'll hear about a schedule for 2007 before too long. Additionally, when I go to the Spirit's Halloweeen thingy, I'll put out some feelers as to what's going on up in the city of Win.

For now, the only new info I've found is:

-Morse being named to the all-indy team - as well he should be. What a year the guy had. I hope he comes back next season;


-This old story about the Atlantic City Surf from Sept. 30's Atlantic City newspaper that has some interesting info regarding league restructuring. Based on the article, it appears to me that they were waiting to see if the Spirit would go under in which case the Surf would pop in to become team #8, and now that the current 8 teams are staying, the league probably won't make any franchise changes. But as we all know from reading the Item, local papers tend to be wrong about a lot of things.


wooden said...

Joe - I maintain my position that Atlantic City will join the CanAm if/when the next team folds, which right now looks like Nashua (*sigh*) though New Haven County is another viable candidate to call it quits and/or move.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

what are you talking about? new haven is a prestigious team with a wonderfully high-quality---excuse me---"historic" yale field.

i jest, of course, but it would be nice to keep new haven there to see some spirit games over summer vacations.

wooden said...

Of course, I was wrong, but I nonetheless happy to see that there's now a CanAm team within a 4-hour drive of me!