Sunday, January 14, 2007

How 'bout them Patriots?




SoSayethI2006 said...

I dunno.......
Seems to me they got outplayed on both sides of the ball. But for a couple of strange plays (that seem to follow them around)and a STUPID unsportsmanlike call for headbutting, the would have gone pretty quietly. Brady was less than impressive overall, but had enough to outplay his opposite number.
The shining star in all this has to be the play of the defensive secondary, particularly the corners.
LT had his stuff, but proves Ya' gotta have more as Gates was less than HIS best.
Go get them Colts!; they seem to be the last real obstacle, but Ya' never know.....On any given Sunday....... .

Joe Grav said...

They did get throroughly outplayed but that's what makes the Pats the Pats and Brady Brady. The STUPID headbutt you mentioned is just lack of playoff poise. The Pats however are the ultimate playoff team. They do what ya' gotta do.

P.S. LT is a little bitch

wooden said...

sosayethi2006 - Did you watch the whole game? Evidently not, because you would have noticed the Chargers' second-half possessions ending in:

1. Punt (3-and-out)
2. Punt (6 plays, -6 yards)
3. Interception
4. TD
5. Punt (3-and-out)
6. Missed FG

Could you enlighten us as to how SD outplayed NE on offense? Was it LaDainian (it that French for punk-ass bitch?) Tomlinson's 44 second-half yards (vs. 79 in the first half; guess they had no adjustment for him)? Perhaps it was Rivers' 4-11-0-1-74 performance prior to the Pats going into prevent (not that 7-16-0-1-113 overall is that much better)?

Sure, the Pats dink-and-dunk "O" in the 2nd half was ugly, but IT WORKED. The Pats had only one three-and-out in the 2nd half and the only time the Chargers held the Pats in the 4th quarter was when New England was angling for the winning FG and killing the clock.

I'm about as sick as the "In Bill We Trust" sycophants as the next folks (you young 'uns don't remember the 49ers fans in the 80s, but they were similarly obnxious) but this was a game in which experience and poise, not to mention halftime adjustments, won the game.

Joe Grav said...

Putting all that aside, the Pats are t3h amazing and LT can go cry on the golf course

SoSayethI2006 said...

Every single person I spoke with today said they thought the Pats were GROSSLY outpalyed in the 1st half, and played slightly better in the second half. Adding in the breaks gained (as good teams will get)they were fortunate to come away with a win.
Yes, I watched the entire ghame, Thank You.
And, isn't it refreshing Wooden to be able to post comments on a Blog (like this one)as opposed to the self-serving Blogs we've all gotten bored with.

wooden said...

It is refreshing, but you need to talk to some folks who really know football ;-)

benoit emond said...

i see that brockton traded jon koch out of the league. koch,scanzano,and torres all gone -- management must still be pissed about the gross choking in that final game.