Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The $#!T List

It is acceptable to say that the following high-profile teams "suck" due to egregious and/or embarassing on-field results by said team. This will remain in effect for a year and/or until they prove otherwise.


Ohio State Football
(Lost to Florida 41-14 despite being heavy favorites and not making players actually go to class)

Notre Dame Football
(No bowl wins since 1994, come the fuck on)

Oklahoma Football
(Lost to Boise State, no excuse for that)

UConn Men's Basketball
(Lost to George Mason; located in Connecticut)

UConn Women's Basketball
(Shut up about your dominance until you win another national championship, ACC pwns you)

Duke Men's Basketball
(Choked in NCAA tournament, overrated like f$!@ this year and lost to a crappy VaTech team)

Boston College Men's Basketball
(Yes that's us, lost to Duquesne, NOTE: can be erased by winning 10 ACC games)

Boston University Men's Hockey
(Got Shat on by BC 5-0 in the NCAA Regionals)

New York Yankees
($230 million = 1 playoff win)

Indianapolis Colts
(Choked in playoffs to Pittsburgh. NOTE: can erase this in the current playoffs)

Boston Celtics
(Suck suck suck suck suck) (Not really high profile anymore but worth mentioning)

England national soccer team
(Lost in the quarterfinals; had a player sent off for ballstomping)


SoSayethI2006 said...

Buckeyes got beat by a superior defense playing at the top of their game.
After an undefeated season, I disagree that they suck...GO GATORS.
Boise State no doubt played above themselves, somewhat midigating the O.U. "suck factor".
The Yankess do, as we all know, SUCK HUGE.

As for the Basketball nominees:
Who cares... it's Basketball for Chrissakes.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Michel LaPlante...
Now HE sucks; the Maggott.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Perhaps NOW the SEC can get the props it's been seeking and I think, it deserves.

wooden said...

Boise State should have blown out Oklahoma but allowed them to get back into it -- that said, the denizens of the Smurf Turf are for real and showed everyone that the BCS is BS.

Joe Grav said...

When you're favored by 7.5 and come into the nat title game as the pre-crowned Media National Champions and get absolutely SHAT on by Florida, you SUCK.

The SEC was tops this year with (unfortunately) the Big Least right behind. Big 10 sucks. ACC will be back next year.

I hate MEE-SHELL as much as the next guy, but he got it done and won the title. He out managed John Kennedy (granted, not a tough task) and took his inferior bunch of players past the dominant Spirit to win it all. Give him credit for that.

NBA sux. NCAABB however is the shiznit.

And, Wooden, tell me you REALLY thought that BEFORE the Fiesta Bowl, and I'll tell you you're a liar. I predicted an Oklahoma blowout and I'm pretty sure most people did as well.

Fun fact: The last team to beat the Boise State Broncos was YOUR (well, okay, MY) Boston College Eagles, on their home smurfturf no less. Hells yeah!

wooden said...

And, Wooden, tell me you REALLY thought that BEFORE the Fiesta Bowl, and I'll tell you you're a liar. I predicted an Oklahoma blowout and I'm pretty sure most people did as well.

I thought Boise State would win close, but not get a huge lead and nearly blow it, then pull off not one but TWO schoolyard trick plays. You seem to have forgotten that I was once a sportswriter and worked as one while going to J-school on the West Coast, so Boise State was not a fad or Cinderella team to me. I'd seen them play firsthand and close up.

Joe Grav said...

I didn't 'forget' anything, I just didn't know that. But even still, when you worked out there and saw Boise, they weren't the Boise that we see today.

I'll give you credit, though, if you really did predict the Boise win. But in the eyes of the general public, that was a pitiful loss for Oklahoma. I didn't see a Bronco team that "blew a late lead," I saw a Sooner team that was FINALLY waking up and starting to overwhelm its physically inferior competition. Hell, that's why the coach of Boise went for the 2 point conversion instead of the extra point to begin with. I think OU's early disrespect for the Broncos had as much to do with the big lead as anything. And for that, OU goes on the 'suck list.'