Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New look for CanAm League site

I LIKE! Very snazzy but not over the top.

On an unrelated note, I think I'm finally gonna' ban anonymous comments, but feel free to talk me out of it.


wooden said...

Look a little more closely and you'll see that they've cleaned out a lot of the archives... plus it's the same design team as the AA site.

As for anonymous comments, delete the useless ones and keep the ones that have anything useful -- we trust you to act more like Brockton Guy from and less like Kevin "Holier Than Thou" Reichard from Ballparkwatch.

DaveCo said...

it does look a lot better,I really like the new look.

As for getting rid of the anon comments....I agree that you should keep the good comments and junk the rest.

Even you have to admit,a lot of these anon comments are good and insightful...but some mornons just abuse the function.

DaveCo said...

ALSO,just checked the transaction page.

"North Shore: Signed 1B Brad Rea."

Anyone got any details on this guy?

benoit emond said...


wooden said...

Dave - Flamed out at Lynchburg (a last-place team, no less) last season and was released in late June. Career DH type. Played one year in the Frontier League (2002), hit 10HR in 64 games, then hit .366 in rookie GCL ball in 2003. Average has dropped every year since, and according to one Pirates prospect fan site, his presence in the minors has been primarily because they don't believe in drafting corner guys (presumably they must think that MI/CF/C types can be slotted in).

From what I've seen, the Carolina League is roughly equivalent to the Can-Am League. Guys that I've seen do well in the Can-Am (Alex Nunez, Sandy Madera) have done well here, though usually in backup roles. Considering this guy was a 27-year-old backup, I wouldn't get that excited about him.

benoit emond said...

4 crew chiefs caught cheating and one of them isn't knauss the louse? check that 48 car again!

Anonymous said...

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Joe Grav said...

Good to see that I have a stalker! I feel honored. 'Tard.

And WOW, Benoit, those penalties against Kahne and Kenseth were pretty damn harsh for pole day infractions esp. considering the 17's squeaky clean record

SoSayethI2006 said...

Kill all Anon comments or keep em' all; censorship would be worse on a cas-by-case basis.
Congrats on the new stalker; hope things work out well form Ya.

benoit emond said...

so now jeff gordon gets caught cheating and theres no fine and no penalty -- he has to go to the back on sunday -- BIG DEAL-- what a disgusting double standard!! get it together nascar

Joe Grav said...

His infraction wasn't AS bad.