Thursday, February 01, 2007

What happened?

I've been told that Big Nick dissed the Spirit bloggers at the Hot Stove dinner tonight. Is this true?


Anonymous said...

Yes, he made a comment regarding the fact that none of you have a clue as to what you're talking about. He is right, if any of you had a clue, you would be embarassed by how little you know. Let the people who know baseball do their job! You know nothing, you are a fool! shut up for 5 seconds and let thr basball people operate. you are ultra-ignorant as to how a independent team operates. Shut up!

Joe Grav said...

You have no credibility! You are ultra-ignorant as to how a discussion operates! You're an anonymous pussy! You also don't like to vary your punctuation marks! Even though exclamation points lose their value after awhile! And I guarantee you Nick Lopardo wouldn't say anything that dumb! Even if he was trying to rip on us! Because we give him most of his money!

Do me a favor and fuck off, or stop being a piece of shit anonymous douche. The end.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I was there and he did indeed mention the blog. Here is what nick said "there is an Internet blog out there by some Spirit fans who go to the games out there who feel that they can only have fun when I (Nick) allow them to" He was talking about how he was trying to have a fun and safe and enjoyable environment. I was really surprised to see that from nick. But I got say I know Nick and you Joe have had your moments, but I feel Nick has overlooked the obvious passion of these fans here on the blog. We make up some of the most diehard fans of spirit nation. Sometimes that makes people in the staff uncomfortable. But I love you guys and the way you all are. So I cant wait for next season and spend it all with you guys.


Joe Grav said...

I don't see how that's an insult. That seems like a pretty neutral statement to me

TonyTheTiger20 said...

wow anon, what prompted that?

from what jack said id doesnt sound like ol' nick was dissing us...

DaveCo said...

I talked to someone and he said it's open to debate whether or not that could be considered an insult. I think it was a little bit of a shot at don't get me wrong,it's good to be recognised by Nick-but he could've also mentioned how devoted we are to the team and the other positivies.
He seems to dwell more on the negatives than anything,and that sucks. Sure,we don't all agree with him & what he does, and some do...but damnit,we still love him and the team no matter what.

Joe Grav said...


All Hail Big Nick.


SoSayethI2006 said...

It is YOU who know so very little. OF COURSE we don't know the ins and out of the day to day ops, you idiot!!. Do YOU know how to cure disease?, or put together a Jet engine?
Maybe the "baseball people" could do a better job huh?.
This is a spectator sport isn't it?.
We are fans, doing what fans do and have been doing since the Mother-Fuckin' Chariot races you poor dumb Bastard.
We know what a pussy sounds like though; guess what?... It's YOU.
Sign Your name or shut The FUCK UP.

Still think Anonymous A-Holes are worth it?... I do not.
Breaking news:
SPIRIT Seaaon Ticket Sales Plummet!!!
Nick, do You read this Blog?; like to hear from Ya', but I wasn't gonna' Ya' ANOTHER $40 for the so-called privelege.

benoit emond said...

I always assume that anonymous posters, especially this one, are in management and I like to know their points of view, no matter how absurd they are.

I truly don't understand Nick's comments because I don't think that anyone here has ever said that they don't have fun at the ballpark. Why the hell would we be at every game if we weren't having fun?

Hey anonymous -- Who exactly are the "baseball people" ? Does putting on a gray shirt automatically make you a baseball person? The baseball people are Kunion and the on field people. The rest of you sell hot dogs.

Nick if you are reading this blog -- thank you for having the team here - we love the team and love going to the games. Lighten up a little.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I'm not gonna bow down to anyone whose best position in the Grand Totem Pole of Life is 'Baseball Guy' for an independent-league team, unless they're the owner. If it weren't for me and people like me dropping hundreds on tickets and swag, these 'baseball guys' would be pumping my gas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you "Benoit" for your interest. Am at the Brentwood library and visiting (but for the first time in over a month).

Andelman's original "Sports Huddle" program was my first taste, on arriving from college in Michigan, of the zaniness of Boston radio. I do think the current Huddle on 96.9 is mostly Andelman and other worthies trying to outdo one another on being a Boston opinion leader. They are too enslaved by fashion to be incisive any more. Am not familiar with the Andelman sons.

Nashua Pride, 0 games after retiring Glenn Murray's number, announce his new job as a hitting coach--for the Barnstormers! How did we let Mr. Pride get away? He was wintering in Nashua and we thought he'd replace Butch Hobson--especially the Pride fans who thought Butch would not return from California for the next 2 years of his contract. Tom King of the Nashua Telegraph should have details, but I don't see any yet.

Anonymous said...

Part 2. Nick has been outspoken lately about lack of support from Lynn politicians (But where do any of you think the team could move and not encounter this?!) and about you bloggers. Nick does set down a lot of rules for use of Fraser and doesn't like to be second-guessed. Likewise, members of Spirit Nation are sometimes thin-skinned regarding criticism.

Anyway, fans are entitled to criticise, and even pry into financial details about the health of their team. Go into a bar, and it's just a bar; make it your local, and you want to know all the gossip.

The existence of a blog is not a problem--it's a blessing, again one we haven't seen in Nashua in 6 years or so. Nick is wrong if what he said made it out to be a problem. It keeps our interest up in the off-season, makes Lynn a more compelling visit than, say, Worcester during the season, and makes Nick money.

Anonymous said...

ha, my comment raised his ire...

If the motto of the Rox is "Fun is Good" I wonder if the motto of Nick Lopardo's North Shore Spirit should be "You have fun when I tell you to."

bob zimmerman

Anonymous said...

Nick was just poking fun at himself, and using the blog as a quotable source of people who think he's too controlling. It was nothing personal against you guys.