Friday, March 02, 2007

3rd day of spring games..

It's the 6th inning in Ft. Myers and the Red Sox trail the 'Jays, 6-4. The important stuff: In Manny's first appearance he went 0-1 with a walk before being lifted for a pinch runner in the 3rd, Runelvys Hernandez gave up every single run (all of them earned) in an atrocious 3rd inning, allowing 6 hits. Snyder pitched two shutout innings, Donnelly pitched another shutout inning, and Okajima, in his first action, pitched a perfect inning.

Did I mention the other night that I LOVE Brendan Donnelly? And as for RunElvis -- IDK what the Sox were thinking with that signing - I hope he continues to get lit up in Grapefruit action so we let him go before the real season starts.

BC vs. Dice-K tonight is the main event on NESN. I'll be in Durham, NH watching the BC men's hockey team take on UNH (look for me on NESN starting at 7:30) but I'll probably be listening on the radio at some point. GO EAGLES! Don't beat up Dice-K too badly, now, y'hear - he's kind of important :)

I'll be in New Hampshire all weekend, but if I get internet access (doubtful - I hear the state of New Hampshire has 3 computers and Spike has exclusive access to 1 of them) I'll blog about BC's victory over the Red Sox.

Ta ta and happy spring! (Even if it doesn't feel like it w/ the sideways freezing rain)


DaveCo said...

Dice-K looked alright....I'll join the group of peopel that think he'll develop into a good pitcher.

Liked the computer comment Joe. XD

Jack Suslak said...

I also want to wish our fearless Blog leader Joe a very happy Birthday, today is his birthday. Hope you have a great time up in NH this weekend.


Anonymous said...

As I recall, guys, computers were invented in New Hampshire (despite some preliminary work done in Maynard, Mass.)

Anonymous said...

i believe that spike has just salted Joe.

-Eric Roberts (Yes, I am still alive)