Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spirit PR Crew = Uber Dumbasses

The Spirit must be getting their interns from BU and UConn this year:


find me something wrong with that?

This coming just days after they waited until the MORNING OF THE GAME to post any mention of the coming exhibition game against Brockton. It's like they don't even want people to go.


Jack Suslak said...

They are clearly clueless, they had no idea of the snafu, until I was nice enough to point them out. And Joe your right for them to just make that trip official just a week before it is ridiculous, btw season tix holders did have a paper with info about it a week ago when they got us the preseason tix, but you need to promote the trip with more than a weeks notice, or heck heres a novel idea make an announcement of the trip during the game tues night, which I dont recall them doing.

But good news I'm off from work, so I am going to be going to Nashua next week, who else is?

DaveCo said...

"find me something wrong with that?" says "@ 7:05" on the first line and then 7 on another.

comeon guys....get the time right!

PS: Im in for june 24! ^_^

Joe Grav said...

Jack those are great points, I was thinking of the same thing the other day. How do you not announce it? Especially since people coming to your exhibition game are the kind of diehard customers who would be more likely to go on the bus trip. Aaaghhghhghhadfwjeofwfjefa

I'll be going up with Grant and Amanda but we'll be driving up, we won't be taking their overpriced bus ride.

DaveCo said...

If anyone's going at any other point that weekend let me know.....I REALLY wanna go up there once next week,but I ain't going up alone. :-p

Joe Grav said...

They fixed it, hooray!

The grammar in the first sentence is still atrocious though

wooden said...

Joe - I doubt these were even interns that did this. I've been away from my "sources" for two years, but it still "smells" to me that nepotism still wafts through the Spirit front office. Any competent H.S. student could do a better job than this.