Thursday, May 03, 2007

Travel info for opening series

Here's a new feature that I hope to do before every close road series. If you have any information to add, let me know.

Spirit @ Nashua, Thursday May 24- Sunday May 27

As of now, Grant says he will be driving up to Nashua for the opening game [I'll be going with him], so we'll see if there's any extra room in his car.

Also, Allen said that he'll be driving up there for the opener as well.

Of course, this could be moot if the Spirit do a bus trip - we'll see.

Anyone else who's going up for ANY of the four games and is willing to take people, let us know here in case anyone is looking for a ride.

The Boston Express Bus, which runs seven times daily from Boston to Nashua and back, will be of use for the game on Sunday, May 27 -- unfortunately it doesn't run after 8 PM, so it doesn't work for the weekday games. It looks like there aren't any other good options.

Last year when I went up to Nashua with Sparky we ate at Bugaboo Creek which was nearby and pretty good. Also, a certain "Bent Gonnelly" was there for us to bug after the game.

Driving Directions from Fraser Field:

Spirit @ Brockton exhibition, Friday May 18
I won't be going to this game, but I know some others have expressed interest.


I've heard nothing. Anyone?


The MBTA Commuter Rail Old Colony line runs from Boston's South Station to two different stops in Brockton. Departing South Station at 5:15 gets you to Brockton at 5:50, ten minutes before game time (although the walk from the station looks like it's probably more than ten minutes, so you might want to go for the 4:45 train).

Basically, avoid everything not within a twenty foot radius of the stadium (and even that's pushing it). Seriously though, there's a Burger King just off the stadium facilities and a few other places on the highway on the way down.

Directions from Fraser Field


DaveCo said...

Like the idea Joe,hopefully we can all make road trips this year. I'd like to do road trips to all the staidums this year,within reason of course. ^_^

As for the opening serries: I'm going up opening day with eric and alan. looking forward to seeing joe and grant up there....i hope i can see others up there =]
If I can tag along with someone on that bus or in a car I'd be glad to go to another game.

As for the Brockton exhibition game I doubt I'll actually be going,but my mind may change if others go and/or if I am free.

Regardless....I look forward to seeing you all in 11 days! =D

wooden said...

Tips: Park on Sargents Avenue, closest to the elementary school -- it's a 5-minute walk, but you can usually pull right out and get back onto Amherst St. heading back towards Rte. 3; if the line's too long go the opposite direction (away from Amherst St) and take a right onto Manchester St. then right onto Concord and right again onto Amherst -- don't park in the stadium lot; it's almost always full.

benoitemond said...

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