Friday, June 29, 2007

Everyone climb aboard the optimism train! woot woot!

The Spirit swept the Pride @ Nashua!!! Well, sort of ;)

Tonight was an epic beatdown by the Spirit - it was getting painful by the end of the game. The Pride's Jose Gonzales knocked in an RBI single in the first to give Nashua the 1-0 lead, but from there, the Spirit went on an itty-bitty 12-0 run.

As much as it pains me to say it, Josue Jesus del Cristo Savior El Stiffton Lopez is tonight's player of the game, by far. He went 4-for-f*cking-5 with 4 RBI. I was not in Nashua, so I don't know for sure, but according to reports, this is the same Lopez guy from before. Maybe it's the other Josue.

Alex Trezza gets an honorable mention: a homer (his third in as many nights), two doubles, and a walk.

Chris Farley was iffy but effective enough to win the game tonight, going 5 2/3 innings and giving up just the 1 run in the first. He worked his way into many jams, but he was able to wriggle out of them.

Derek Drage and Shawn McNamara finished the job for the Spirit.

Humorously, the Pride brought in a position player to pitch in the 9th, Brian Duplissie, as the Spirit ran up the score with 4 more runs in the final frame.

Japanese import Eiji Yano, making his debut for Nashua, got smacked around by the Spirit in 4 innings. Can we start calling Nashua "Japan West?"

Fun is good.


wooden said...

Actually, Joe -- The Potomac Nationals have been on the knee-side of such dismantling and twice the position player they've turned the ball over to in the 9th had been the most effective pitcher of the night! Same guy, too.

Maybe this is the start of something good... cue the Herman's Hermits music and visualize Frank and Jane...

Anonymous said...

Yano was acquired earlier in the day from Schaumberg. If he were Spanish, his name would mean "Not now!"

Lopez didn't embarrass defensively either. But could he perhaps drop 50 pounds?

Nick Lopardo, great catch of a foul ball; fell on his butt on the concrete stoop, 3B side, but held on. Another foul broke a luxury-box window; "Candy" everywhere.

Pride reliever Angelo Burrows has been proving himself in his occasional non-critical assignments. Tom Thornton has pitched 4 perfect innings and has had clunkers. Jason Paul has been consistently bad this year; ERA 7-1/2. Surely Bryan Duplissie came on only because he pitched in college. Palazzolo was up in the bullpen but you don't waste him on a game like this one. The only problem is that it lasted 3h30.


Joe Grav said...

Lopez can play one position, DH. But up until last night he wasn't doing that particularly well, either.

I just don't get putting Josue at 1st and Rea at DH. Rea also sucks defensively, but at least he can move.

DaveCo said...

I never thought I'd see the day where the Spirit site's headline would read:
"Lopez, Trezza pace 12-1 win in Nashua"