Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Spirit hung on to win tonight by a toenail , 4-3. Matt Bishop got the win. Billy Simon, a former Red Sox prospect, came in for his first Spirit appearance and got his first save despite a shaky 9th.

I got back to my room in the 9th inning and turned on the radio to hear that it was 4-1 Spirit. With 1 out Francisco LeBron launched a 2 run homer to make it 4-3. The Rox then got the tying run in scoring position after a single and a wild pickoff throw.

With 2 outs, Simon was able to rear back and get a K of de la Cruz to end the game and nail down the crucial win.

In the first inning, Mike Torres knocked an RBI single and Alex Trezza hit a 3-run homer to account for all of the Spirit's offense tonight.

I tend to think that 'character' and 'resolve' are overrated in sports in general and particularly in baseball --- the most important factor is the talent of the players on the field. But this particular Spirit team IS more talented then they have been playing, I'm sure of it. And tonight's win showed character and intestinal fortitude, bouncing back from yesterday's devastating loss.

The Spirit are now 15-16.


DaveCo said...

This team needs motivation to win.

After last night's loss,"Fight Nigth @ Fraser",and the rubber game loss I think they finally found some.
Like Joe said,the talent is there......I just think they need the motivation.

Anonymous said...

Who WAS that anon poster who said Vic was N.L.'s "binky"?.....
funniest thing I've heard all week...if it wasn't filed under -sad, but true-.
Anyone else notice on the roster (from CanAm site) that we only have 4 rookies when Roster rules mandate 5?.

Binky... too friggin' funny man.