Friday, June 08, 2007

Siak outdueled

So much for momentum....

tomorrow remarks my return to the ballpark, but for now here's another generic recap.

New Jersey 3, North Shore 1
@Lynn, MA. Time: 2:39 Attendance: 2424
W: Demetrius Banks (2-0) L: Joey Siak (1-1) S: Rusty Tucker (4)
HR: NJ-Sandy Madera (2)
Starting New Jersey pitcher Demetrius Banks picked up his second win of the season against North Shore. Banks pitched seven innings and allowed one run on eight hits while striking out four Spirit batters. The Jackals got two runs from 3B Wilton Veras, who went 3-for-4 on the night. Every North Shore batter picked up a hit, but only CF BJ Weed scored. Weed crossed home plate on a LF Darren Blakely sacrifice fly in the first inning to give North Shore an early 1-0 lead. But New Jersey had one-run innings in the second, fourth and seventh to take the victory.

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DaveCo said...

sorry joe,i didn't see you ask me to write the report. I'll just add some little commentary/notes:

* The Spirit did hit the ball pretty well tonight--but even if they went deep,they somehow ended up in a Jackal mitt.
* To me--Siak seemed to have pitched a pretty decent game.
* Vic DaVilla was ejected from the game tonight. He was ejected after arguing with the 1st plate ump after he blew TWO STRAIGHT calls. The first call Vic went out and argued passively,the second time he got more into the umps face and more vocal. The second time you just KNEW he'd get ejected.
* The umps tonight were just horrible. Both fans AND players voiced their opinions. Rob fischer was ejected later in the game for (reportedly) yelling from the dugout "Stop calling the game like a fan and ump it right" (close quote,as I didn't hear it). The home plate ump then ejected Rob. Rob got frustrated and started to walk towards the ump,but was held back by donahue. Then he walked back into the dugout,took the giant water bottle dispenser out,threw that out onto the field,grabbed a bat (it looked like he MIGHT hit the bottle....),and left the field.
* Both ejectees got applause as they left,although I think Vic's was more deserving

Even though we don't have fireworks until Saturday,there was definitly a small show tonight at good ol' Fraser.