Thursday, June 28, 2007

Signs of life...

So, in a three game set at the House of Horrors in Brockton, the Spirit lost a really tough game that could have gone either way, then bounced back to stifle Brockton and win two in a row. That sounds pretty good to me. I'm not gonna go overboard, but that's definitely a reason to be optimistic.

The Spirit won 4-0 tonight over the Rox as Ryan Bicondoa was in Bic-like form, twirling a complete game, shutout victory. Alex Trezza hit another home run, and although he only went 1-for-5, he came close to hitting three home runs according to Mssrs. Leahy and Lopardo in the 1510 broadcast booth.

On to Nashua tomorrow night before two at home against the Pride. Will the brawl and the epic extra innings loss prove to be some sort of turning point? We can only hope...

Meanwhile, here is the much-anticipated highlights video from the fight game... anyone who denies that Barry's slap was a bitch move is proven wrong by this clip - it was like a mirror image of A-Rod.


DaveCo said...

I hope that video does the trick for everyone.

As for the finally seems as though they've gotten motivation toi play. They've been lacking that in my opinion up until this weekend. Hopefully the players can keep up the offense ad the pitchers can keep up the stellar performances.

Glad to hear Bic is back in his regular form. I hope Morse isn't too badly hurt,anyone know anything about him?

wooden said...

I don't know about motivation, but it does appear that Bicondoa and Trezza are starting to perform to their capabilities.