Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4 straight

I tuned in to the radio tonight during the 5th inning to find, much to my delight, that the Spirit had sprinted out to yet another early lead, putting up 4 runs in the first two innings en route to a 6-1 victory over the Worcester Tornadoes.

North Shore had 12 hits - that's 33 runs and 55 hits in 4 games, for those keeping track.

In a surprising twist, Dennis Robinson got the start tonight, filling in for the injured Matt Bishop. He performed extremely well, giving the Spirit six solid innings and giving up just one run. Baker, Langdon and Drage combined to give North Shore's bullpen another shutout performance.

Vic Davilla was a pedestrian 2-for-4 with just a home run, a double, and a sac fly. What a bum.

Alex Trezza added his 6th HR of the season as part of the Spirit hit parade.

North Shore can totally avenge their earlier embarassment in Worcester by completing a 4-game sweep tomorrow night at 7 PM. Gary Galvez will take on Worcester's Reed Willett in his Spirit debut.


wooden said...

Injured? In an Alex Herrera to the bullpen kind of way?

Anonymous said...

EXACTLTY That kind of way ;)

Good times.....

Joe Grav said...

That would be brilliant if true. Nothing scares away affiliated teams like "arm soreness."

But why would Bishop go along with that?

Grant Salzano said...

it would appear as though you are only writing about games in which vic tools on the opposing team.

however, since you happen to be writing about every game, and he IS DOING IT every actually are.

isnt he hitting like .450 right now with like 7 HR and 30 RBI? that's just a stab in the dark but it sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Why di Herrera go along with it?

Anonymous said...

There may be a bit of truth to both parts of this, ie: SOME soreness, and SOME interest in shielding him.
That, if true as a sort of "second-half" strategy, may have gotten upset by Bryan Morse leaving town.


Joe Grav said...

Get the trainer to fudge some info?

Sounds brilliant to me. Go Spirit!