Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let's go

Game 1 is underway in West Haven, CT - the weather is holding up for now.

Bic is pitching in game one. Bucky Kosyk is pitching for the Cutters.

Farley is pitching in game two.

NSS 0 0 0 / 0 1 1 / 0 / 0 0 / 0 --- 2
NHC 1 0 1 / 0 0 0 / 0 / 0 0 / 1 --- 3

Bot 1st: Pickerill RBI groundout. 1-0 New Haven.

Top 2nd: Spirit put the first two runners on, but someone (torres?) grounds into a double play, and then My Man Josue Lopez grounds out to end the inning. Still 1-0 Cutters.

Bot 3rd: Junior Zamora RBI single scores Pickerill, 2-0 NH.

Top 4th: Josue Lopez grounds out with 2 men on and 2 out. I SERIOUSLY would rather have Fran Riordan at this point.

Top 5th: HUGE! Gary Roche RBI single scores Jerson Perez and moves Adam Balkan up into scoring position.
Roche has been excellent lately. Runners at the corners w/ 1 out and Mike Torres up. Let's go Spirit! 2-1 Cutters.

Top 5th: AFJ@J!#@L!J@#L!je:!J#L@#!L@#J! - Torres flies out to left field and Adam Balkan is thrown out attempting to tag up and come home. AGGGGGGGH!

Bot 5th: Quick inning for Bic. Let's get him some runs, now... 6 outs to work with.

Top 6th: Luis Lopez rips a leadoff double down the 3rd base line.... chasing Kosyk.

Top 6th: Mike Joyce in to pitch for the Cutters.

Top 6th: Josue!!! he comes through finally and ties the game with an RBI single. Beautiful! 2-2.

Bot 6th: Another 1-2-3 for Bic.

Top 7th: With a runner on 1st and 1 out Adam Piechowski in to pitch for New Haven.

Top 7th: With 2 men on and 1 out, Mike Torres grounds into a clutch double play. :( It's now nail-bite time.

Bot 7th: From the sounds of it, BJ Weed saves the game with a tremendous catch to end the bottom of the 7th. To extras we go.


Top 8th: Andy Weimer in to pitch for the Cutters. I like the fact that they are using up their bullpen here. I'll like it even more if we win.

Top 8th: Luis Lopez reaches first with a leadoff single, but two outs later, it's up to Josue...

...aaand the PA announcer in New Haven just referred to him as "ho-sue." Ho-sue is back to typical Ho-sue style, popping out to end the 8th. More "nail-bite time" in the bottom of the 8th...

Bot 8th: Donny Langdon in to make his 20th appearance of the season. Bic goes 7 solid innings, giving up two runs on three hits, and will exit with a no-decision.

Bot 8th: Langdon comes in to face the lefty, gets one out by way of the K, and is taken out in favor of Dennis Robinson.

Bot 8th: A pair of two out singles: Gaskin lines a single, then Encarnacion gets a base hit to put runners on 1st and 2nd with two men out... Matt Hackney is up for New Haven County.

Bot 8th: D-Rob gets Hackney to ground out and we go to the 9th! Interesting to note that right now the Spirit have 11 hits to New Haven County's 5. Let's get hits AND bring 'em home in the 9th, boys.

Top 9th: Bunting is f!@$!#!#@!#!ing STUPID, EXHIBIT 129249210381290381058840982103981203812038120381032193810. I can't tell if it was a bunt attempt gone awry or a straight steal. Either way, DUMB

Top 9th: "Gotta love the aggressiveness of BJ Weed" - no, no you don't. Gotta love the stupidity of wasting a leadoff walk. There ya go...... Adam Balkan flies out to end the inning. At least he didn't rip a double that would have scored BJ if he didn't get thrown out. Aggh!

Bot 9th: The drama is killing me here in the bottom of the 9th... full count, 2 outs, 2 men on...

Bot 9th: D-Rob escapes the jam, and I still have a few fingernails left. Yay!

Top 10th: Not much going on for the Spirit offense here but DAMN the Red Sox are absolutely pounding on the Devil Rays right now.. Coco w/ a grand slam in the first and Lowell with a 3-run blast in the 2nd, Beckett w/ 5 Ks - 9-0 Sox in the 2nd inning (?!)

Top 10th: Nothing doing...aaagh.

Bot 10th: Cutters start the inning with 2 singes (Zamora, Gaskin)...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

Bot 10th: Orlando Encarnacion walkoff RBI single..............................................................................................................................

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