Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Roll on?

The Spirit start a huuuge series tonight in New Haven. In the next week, the Spirit can establish themselves as contenders. Let's go.

Anyone out there in readerland tonight?

The Spirit have added a new 1B, Luis Lopez. Josue Lopez is at DH. Vic Davilla is back into retirement, apparently. Sigh.

Update: Darren Blakely has been released?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! and Brad Rea has left the ballclub. Jerson Perez is back. GREAT. We are starting to turn it around, now's a perfect time to shake up the entire roster.

Pitching matchup:

Bryan Brainer vs. Matt Bishop.

NSS 3 0 0 / 0 1 0 / 3 0 0 -- 7
NHC 0 1 0 / 0 0 1 / 0 2 0-- 4

Top 1: Carlos Rodriguez hits a 3-run double!

Bot 2: A throwing error by Mike Torres allows a runner on first, Chris Gaskin, to score, making it 3-1 Spirit.

Top 5: Gary Roche RBI single scores BJ Weed and the Spirit have their 3-run lead back.

Bot 6: Henry Stanley hits a solo homer to cut it to 4-2. It's the first HR allowed by Bishop all year. Bishop gives up two more hits putting the tying runs aboard.

Bot 6: With two men on, Dennis Robinson comes in to pitch for the Spirit.... and D-Rob gets out of the jam!

Top 7: Gary Roche smashes a 2-run double, driving in Jerson Perez and Gilbert Gil. 3 RBI for Roche, and it's 6-2 Spirit. Roche scores on an RBI groundout later in the inning... 7-2 good guys.

Bot 8: Shaun McNamara in to pitch for the Spirit... Irvin Alcantara RBI single makes it 7-3. Matt Hackney scores on an RBI groundout - Spirit 7, Cutters 4. Tying run at the plate, Baker & Langdon warming up....

Bot 8: Donny Langdon relieves a struggling McNamara..... and Donny escapes the jam. To the 9th...

Bot 9: Drage in to finish it off.... aaand we win. Sounds like Luis Lopez made a slick play at first to end the game.

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