Sunday, August 26, 2007


...just hit a walkoff home run to give the Spirit a 4-3 win in the bottom of the 13th!!!!

Newcomer Carl Schaeffer pitched a scoreless 13th to get the win. Where'd we get this guy and who did we cut?

Oh yeah -- WOO!


Anonymous said...

Schaeffer looked NASTY Joe.
He's got this almost sidearm, sorta' 3/4 thing from the right side and appears to throw harder than the 91-92 on the Gun (which I think is and has been on the fritz all year.)
I haven't figured where he came from yet, or who's gone.
Trezza just missed hittin' one out before Josue hit the walk off.
Exciting coupla' days Huh?.

Nice outing by Bic (8K 1BB)
who was ahead in the count most of the day.


Anonymous said...

NHC and AC have both lost today!! woohoo!

DaveCo said...

God damnit!

I went to the park today with a pain in my side. In the 4th or 5th I get thre ok to go caue im in extreme pain......I go to the hospital and find out it's my kidney stone causing it all.

So not only do I spend liek 3 hours in the hospital,which I hate.....but I missed one helluva game.
Wish I was there for that all. :(

BUT I still have two things to cheer about:
1) Horray for being 3-time Commonwealth Cup champs! =]

Joe Grav said...

feel better, dave!

wooden said...

Feliciano appears to have been the pitcher released in favor of Schaeffer.

wooden said...

Magic # to clinch playoff spot (Cutters elimination #) = 1

Magic # to clinch best overall record = 3 (NJ's best possible win total = 55, Spirit are at 53)

Magic # to clinch 2nd half = 5
(AC can finish 32-14, but a 33-14 finish would give the Spirit the win by a Quebec-esque margin of 1/2 a game)

wooden said...

And, make sure Josue gets an extra pizza tonight; he's earned it.

DaveCo said...

From what i heard Feliciano got released to make room for Arroyo....

Anonymous said...

Feel better DaveCo


wooden said...

Guys, just to clarify: We're not mathematically in yet.

According to the transaction wire, Teilon effectively replaced Anton French, Arroyo replaced D-Rob, then Feliciano was released. Of course, we all know how timely and detailed that is, right?

I sure hope Scheafer is eligible for the playoffs. Here are his #s:

8-4-2, 3.32 ERA, 84IP, 73H, 39R, 3HR, 20BB, 46K, .234 BA vs.

He had a horrible June (9.92 ERA) -- the past two months he's had 1.48 ERA and an 8.89 WHIP (not counting yesterday's appearance).

DaveCo said...

You also forgot that we released Matos......I think that left a spot on the rooster-but I could be wrong....
And how aren't we mathemtically in yet,care to clarify?

ALSO: Thanks Joe & Sparky.....I feel much better today. ^_^

wooden said...

Sure... and I take the blame for this mess:

If New Haven were to win the rest of its games, and the Spirit were to lose the rest of its games, they'd finish:

NHC 28-18
NSS 28-19

Likewise, for the overall season record with AC & NSH both winning out and the Spirit finishing a la '04:

ACS 54-38
NSH 54-39
NSS 53-40

Thus, if NHC is the 2nd-half winner, and Atlantic City and Nashua finish ahead of North Shore, the Spirit are out of the playoffs.

Once the Cutters lose or the Spirit win, we're in; New Haven will be eliminate from the 2nd-half title. The 2nd scenario is if the Spirit win and the Pride lose, then Nashua couldn't catch us for the best overall record.

wooden said...

It gets worse. John Leahy wrote to me and pointed out that Quebec, which is in Nashua for the next 4 games, could conceivably catch the Pride, if the Spirit win the 2nd half. The Caps' elimination # vs. Nashua is 4; The Cutters' is 3; The Grays' is 1.