Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nilson Teilon update

One of our all-time favorites, Nilson Teilon, returned to pro baseball after two season off to play for the Edinburg Coyotes in the United League this year. He did quite well, challenging for the Triple Crown and going on to win the United League's MVP award:

"Teilon, a native of San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, has challenged for the United League's triple crown as he has been the league leader in homeruns, runs batted in, and batting average at different stages through the 2007 season. Teilon currently leads all of United League Baseball in batting average (.364), runs batted in (92), doubles (30), and slugging percentage (.617). The former White Sox and Diamondbacks farm hand has not played since 2004 when he was a member of the North Shore Spirit, who at the time played in the now defunct Northeast League. Teilon's 2007 set new single season league records for RBIs, doubles, and slugging percentage. His offensive numbers in 2007 are all career highs for the 27 year old infielder."

Good for Nilson, he was a great guy and a solid player. According to 'sources,' Teilon had to leave the team before the '05 season because his status in this country was not exactly legal, per se - which is a shame, we could have used his bat in '05. I'm glad he's got his paperwork straightened out now

In other news, according to a commenter, Anton French has been released after 'making it known' that he was unhappy to be with the Spirit.... I guess he thought he was too good for us. I wonder if our massive, enthusiastic home crowds won him over? :P


Joe Grav said...

For the record, my #1 priority as to who I want to replace French is Gabriel from the Grays, the kid we had in camp this year.

I know we're not Quebec so we don't get special rules about acquiring players for nothing, but since it's the Grays, I'm sure there's a chance of a sweetheart 'cash and future considerations' deal.

Also, BJ Weed did the same thing in '05 - played in camp with the Spirit, went to the Grays, then came back to North Shore at the end of the season.

If we can't get Gabriel, I wonder if Worcester would deal us Wishy now that their season is going down the tubes?

I know people have suggested that Kunion will try to get Fischer back again, but with NS and ATC neck and neck I doubt you'll see any dealing between the two clubs.

DaveCo said...

Last night I meet French and he seemed to be having fun doing some things with the fans......but I didn;t think he was unhappy at all. Like that anon poster said.....It's a shame,he was good.

I'd also like to see us get Gabriel. Looking at his stats he's not TOO bad. He'd be a good acquisition....especially since Fischer coming back is doubtful.

ALSO: Joe,why the random Teilon update? btw,glad to hear he's back and hitting good.

Joe Grav said...

I'll give spirit alum updates whenever I hear about them, but I never really actively seek them out... this just happened to show up on the news feed

wooden said...

Assuming, of course, this unidentified "source" is correct...

Anonymous said...

I'm not completely sold on Gabriel dspite his pretty good #'s.
Certainly he's a long-ball threat with 11 HR, but his OBP is only .316, and his strike out to BB ratio is over 4:1 (39-9).
SB=6, CS=3.
"sweetheart" deals with a club that is financed in whole by the league may be more difficult than one might think with Uncle Miles at the switch.
Methinks Teilon would be a better, proven commodity if available; although the question of what kind of pitching he may have seen this past year leaps to mind.