Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rox go 4-0 at Fraser

Go figure. In the year that the Spirit break the crazy hex of Campanelli Stadium, going 7-2 in Brockton, the Rox go 4-0 at Fraser Field. Thus, in a year when the Spirit have been magnificent and the Rox have been pitiful, the season series ends up 7-6.

And people wonder why I get more nervous when the Spirit play against the Rox than anyone else - no matter what the records are. What is it about those ugly brown and teal uniforms that casts a spell on the Spirit?

Tonight's victim was Dennis Robinson, who got smacked around for six runs in the Spirit's 8-1 loss. Rolando Viera improved to 9-5, giving up one run on six innings to secure the win.

John Allen homered for the fourth time this season. 2 out of his 4 homers have come against North Shore.

The good news?

Barring a ridiculous run into postseason contention, we won't see the Rox again this season.

Bring on the Grays!


wooden said...

That reminds me, Joe - now that resembles the Barry Manilow Fan Club for Straight Guys, I can put together my grid of contenders/pretenders complete with magic #s for you guys this year. For example, eyeballing it, I can tell you that the Rox elimination # is 12 for the 2nd half title and 11 for the wild card.

Anonymous said...

D-Rob had lost it in the second, Vic was nowhwre to be found. He was behind on everyone & they were lightin' up the fastballs they were sitting on. French Lolligagged his way to 1st on a liner that was dropped, but because he didin't "RUN IT OOUT" the ss had plenty of time to regroup and get him.
He also ran thru an OBVIOUS stop sign by Tommy and made the third out at home. He runs bases like Manny Ramirez.
The pitching change came after itr appeared that Vic had given up.

Joe Grav said...

I remember hearing that we had lost two more baserunners (I didn't listen to the entire game, but I heard enough of it to get the gist of how crappy it was going)... drives me nuts

DaveCo said...

Ya....last night's game was horendous.

First D-Rob wasn't pulled quick enough (Kennedy Jr anyone?) and then the basrunnign woes continued for the Spirit.

They need to work on their baserunning.......BAD!

Anonymous said...

For the record, the PA announcer introduced Gil into the game at 2B but didn't note that Roche moved from 2B to 3B at the same time. If you're scoring, you'll write Gil in in the wrong spot in the order. Shifts need to be annouced along with subs. Nashua now announces shifts before subs.

I've been through this before at Fraser and scanned the entire infield before writing. DaveCo went up to inform the announcer of his omission. At which point he announced Gil in a second time! Groan.

Listening to John Leahy would have been the solution, but again, it seems antisocial to wear headphones at the park. Willy? Hey? Hey?

Anonymous said...

I remember the same thing happening on one night in Nashua with new players and pitchers being announced, when there were already 2 outs, and with 2 strikes on the batter.
lemme see if I can re,member offhand who the PA announcer was.........

Hello Kettle?, it's the pot calling..