Sunday, August 12, 2007

Spirit lose game three

So, the Skyhawks salvaged game three of the series today with a 6-5, 10 inning win. Derek Drage took the loss for the Spirit.

No biggie - we won 2 out of 3 on the weekend, so mission accomplished.

Off to Brockton now to start a big series. Well, who am I kidding - they are ALL big series from here on out. It's crunch time, baby. Gotta love pennant races...even if they leave you lacking for fingernails from time to time.

Sorry for the sparse updates this weekend - I've been out and about and away from the computer.

Among other things, I attended a mind-blowingly awesome concert on Saturday night in Boston by the one and only Muse:

I'm not a big concert guy, but Muse kicks ASS... I will always make sure to get tickets whenever they are in town.

I also took the T back home to Revere to attend our annual neighborhood block party.... it's a municipal election year, so needless to say, every politician in the universe was there gladhanding. It was kind of sad. You can always count on the local politicos to turn out in force at any community gathering.

Surprise, surprise.

All in all, I'm pretty glad I spent the weekend away from baseball -- the results down in Baltimore weren't good at all, and I think that if I had watched Kentucky Fried Kevin hit a walkoff home run against the Sox, and then listened the Spirit lose to Sussex in extra innings all within a short span, I would have been pretty ticked off.

Looking at it from the macro perspective, however, the Spirit got the job done this weekend. But I'm not sure you can say the same for the struggling boys in Boston.

It should be an interesting week in the world of baseball. But isn't it always?

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wooden said...

You have to appreciate the way the Spirit posted a picket fence* in the middle innings, which might be an indicator that the offense is getting back on track. This team continues to remind me of '03 (minus the speed) where you know the pitching will let up 2 or 3 runs most nights, and you hope the hitting will score 3 or 4 runs.

* single runs in 3 or more innings; something I picked up from either an old-timer I interviewed for a story or from a book about pre-WW2 baseball.