Friday, August 10, 2007

Spirit Swept By Rox In DH ; Onwards To Sussex!

Tonight Joe won't make it back till late--so he asked me to do the update tonight.
So here it goes:

FIRST OFF: I want to state that Josue finally got hte recognition he he and Joey Siak recieved Player of the Month honors from the Spirit. Congrats on continuing to pitch great Joey and it's nice to know Josue was recognised for a month in which he proved why we should start the official "I ♥ Josue" fan cluib. ^_^

Back to buisness.....
For starters: I want Morse back. :'-[
He was a good guy (from what we saw,at least) and is STILL a damn good pitcher. We were on a 5-game winnign streak going into today,and he derailed us......he is still an awesome pitcher in my opinion.....but too bad we traded him. =[

ANYWAYS--In game one former Spirit Bryan Morse went aginst current Spirit Matt Bishop as the Rox came up to Lynn to finish their weirdly-scheduled series against us. Both pitchers were brilliant in this game,but Morse proved that he is still one of the best pitchers in this league as he went the distance in the 1-0 shutout victory for the Rox.

It was vinatge Morse out there for Brockton. He went the complete game for the Rox pitching a one-hit shutout for the Rox. The Sprit would only come close to scoring once in the 7th. After two straight outs and a Torres walk Luis Lopez came up. He hit a deep ball out to right center......and we all thought it was gone as Brockton CF Matt Maloney chased it down. Then we saw him jump up and reach his glove out......AND ROB LOPEZ OF A 2-RUN BLAST! That was the closest the Spirit came all night....and it was shot down with an amazing catch by the Center feidler.

Bishop only allowed (including last night) 8 hits the entire game to Brockton while striking out 4 and walking 4. Even though Brockton got runners on they didn;t get past second until the 9th. In that inning Matt Maloney,with one out,got a single. That was the end of bishop's night and the start of Derek Drage's. Drago came in and Maloney stole a base, and Andre Alvarado followed that with an rbi single to right. But some bad baserunning lead to a 9/2/4 out. Then Lee Rubin poped up to end the 9th for the Rox.

As you can tell,it was a pretty good pitcher's duel....but in the end only one could prevail,and it's the one we all thought would in this situation.

Now onto game 2:
This game sped by quick,lasting only 1 hour,42 minutes. Game 2 featured former Rox Gary Galvez going against current Rox Mike McTamney. This one wasn't really a pitcher's duel,but the Spirit were still held to little offense as the Rox went on to win 3-1 in this 7-innign affair.

Mike McTamney also went the distance for Brockton,throwing a complete game and allowing only 1 run on 5 hits. The Spirit got their onyl run on an Alex Trezza homer in the 2nd,his 9th of the year. the Spirit got close again the next innign with runners on 2nd and 3r and Trezza up again,but he couldn't come through again-strikign out to end the inning and any threat of scoring from the Spirit.

Galvez almost went the distance for the Spirit,going 6 2/3 innings,but didn't pitch well enough afor a win. In that time he gave up 3 runs on 4 hits while strikign out 5 and walking 3. The Rox got on the board first in the 2nd. The first two batters got on via a walk and getting hit,then Maloney came up and once again helped his team--hitting a three-run bomb,his 2nd of the year,to put the Rox up 3-0. The 7th would be the closest they would come to scoring again,as Julio Soriano c ame in to relieve Galvez in the 7th with runners on 2nd and 3rd to strike out Rubin to end the Rox 7th,and any more scoring.

I also want to add i saw quite a few DeVries Jrs out there today. Not much hustle today.....I felt like chanting run it out a few tiems today. We need a hustle coach--maybe BJ? XD

But,in the end the Spirit came out scoring only 1 hit in 16 innings of baseball on 6 hits,and 2 straight loses.
Now the Spirit move on to a 3-game series in Augusta,NJ aggainst the suckit Skyhawks. This should be an easy couple of wins for us,so let's hope that we can keep up what we've been doing and also cheer them on during this final couple of weeks.

NOW,here's a treat for you all....a post-game wrap-up featuring Joe & Jonathan....

Worcester 4, New Jersey 3
New Haven County 6, Grays 4
Atlantic City 6, Quebec 5


wooden said...

Agree - no need to panic. Sussex pitching is generally a good elixir for a struggling offense

Pietsch Fan said...

Way to go Maloney! Keep it up Cowboy.