Sunday, August 19, 2007

This just in

JD Drew drinks wine coolers.

Could we have gotten anyone who is more of a polar opposite to Trot to play RF this year? Jeez. The guy is soft as hell.


I didn't make it to the Spirit game today, so hopefully Dave will have a nice recap for us later... I won't post the result right now out of respect for the tape delay broadcast currently airing on 1510 the Zone.


Anonymous said...

awww c'mon Joe...

Let's do it this way: Choose one:
The Spirit
a. won
b). lost

The score was:
a). 3-2
b). 4-1
c). 9-7
The pitching was:
a). terriffic
b). mediocre
c). poor

The offense was:
a). overpowering
b). nonexistent
c). insert your own adjective here

The defense was:
a). ___________

POTG is _____________.
The Grays played
a). well enough to win
b). got a strong pitching performance from _________.
c). were bolstered by a _______________________.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the farm we're gonna hear how he's been playing with a bad shoulder ALL YEAR after the season is over. His power is all but gone, and he's now a singles hitter; hardly worth the 14 million invested.
Thank GOD we got rid of Willy "the Millstone" Pena, let him drive the Nats people nuts for awhile


John Leahy said...

Thanks guys for working with us on the tape delayed games this year by not posting info until the broadcasts are done. It is appreciated.

We worked very hard in the last offseason to create a plan which would allow us to broadcast games live on our website when the occasional tape delay occurs. I believe we have acheived a nice balance, a balance which satisfies our fans need to hear every pitch live with the Zone's need to air certain live programming which at times needs to supercede Spirit games.

Next Sunday's game with Worcester is scheduled to be broadcast live, and I will report to everyone about the status of the following Sunday's game with Sussex when the schedule comes out. Any playoff games will follow this similar format.

And lastly, let us give props to our flagship radio station, 1510 the Zone. From Anthony Pepe to Jon Anik to every single producer who works our games, they deserve all the credit in the world. These guys have busted their backs for us and they deserve all of our thanks and praise.

Thanks for your support, and I wish you good listening.

Yours truly,

John Leahy

North Shore Spirit Broadcaster

DaveCo said...

Anytime John....we know a lot of people read this blog at many points during the day. To post the recap while a tape delayed broadcats is happening would ruin it for some people.

I for one would also liek to thank the 1510 staff for understanding the needs of the fans and beign so cooperative this season.

I am currently working on my own game recap to post in a little bit....i shall also post a small kudos in there too.

Anonymous said...

ig\f his shoukder is hurt the Sox could opt out of the contract- that was the sticking point of the contract and thats why it took so long to finalize it.... so lets hope his shoulder is or will be hurt.