Thursday, August 02, 2007

Three runs in the eighth give the Spirit a huge, huge win

I just got back to my room in time to listen to the bottom of the 9th inning, where Derek Drage closed the door on the Cutters.

After giving up single runs in the 3rd and the 5th, the Spirit roared back to score three runs in the 8th inning to win the game 3-2.

Mike Torres blasted a 2 run homer to tie the game. Luis Lopez followed Torres with a double. Then, Alex Trezza brought him home with a game-winning triple.

The win gives the Spirit a 3-1 record on their trip to New Haven.

We start another tough series against Worcester at Fraser Field tomorrow.

NSS 3 9 1
NHC 2 8 1

W) J Baker 3-1
L) A Weimer 2-4
S) D Drage 7


wooden said...

Joe - Did you notice the new page on the CanAm site?

I nearly fell out of my chair: Could the league be actually doing something that might encourage scoreboard watching?

wooden said...

DaveCo said...

Do we knwo how up-to-date is this page?
Like does it update after every run/inning?

ALSO: I found it pretty humorous that they're doing something good for fans XD

wooden said...

I think they're still working on the bugs. I discovered it by accident, when the scoreboard said "too many connections" and my mouse went over the "game linescores" -- it wouldn't surprise me if it had been there all along and we just never noticed it before, thanks to the site redesign guide that they never posted last fall.

I was clicking on it, and it appears to updated about as often as the regular scoreboard is.

Anonymous said...

It has been there all along

wooden said...

As suspected, the geniuses who redesigned the site never bothered to make a big deal of it. Wouldn't want to do anything that increases site traffic, would they? God forbid they sell an ad or two, right?

DaveCo said...

Well nice accidental discovery wooden,since the geniuses at the Can-Am website fail at giving fans updates on their website.

it'd be better if they could keep pretty up-to-date on these scores.....but who knows if they'll do that or not.

Anonymous said...

Really liking this great start to the 2nd half, the team really seems to be clicking all cylinders. I heard that the surgery that Vic had the other day went well, and he definitely hopes to be back in time for the playoffs. I heard he and Nick made the trip to New Haven last night for the series finally. Well guys have a good time tonight, unfortunately cant make it cause I got work at Target, but hope to catch the next 2 games. Say hi to Doug Flutie for me.

Joe Grav said...

Thanks for the update, Jack -- you get us much more information than the Spirit's site does.

We sure will miss Vic's presence in the lineup, but it's good for him that he's getting healthy.