Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well Done Spirit Part 2!

I also want to give the Spirit credit for the mailing that they sent me and I assume all the other season ticket holders yesterday. In the envelope they enclosed 2 tickets to the Boxing event coming up at Fraser, thats nothing new, they did do that last year, but thanks for those. But the really significant news is that it enclosed a letter inviting me to a special party after the game on August 19th on the 3rd base party deck and have a chance to take batting practice on the field. I just want to give the staff their props on giving us loyal fans an opportunity to have an event like that and actually living up to what the promised this year as benefits for being a season ticket holder. So things are great these days to be a Spirit fan hopefully this year will continue to be great as we strive for the ultimate goal a Can-Am League title.


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