Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who's Now: Episode 2

So, we have four winners.

They are:
1) Nick Lopardo defeats 16) Tony - no surprise
8) Tom Donahue defeats 9) Chris Miyake
13) Andrew Wishy upsets 4) Jon Fleisig - not that we're homers or anything :)
5) Michel Laplante defeats 12) Chris Rowan

On to the bottom half of the Allentown bracket:

2) Jonathan Johnson vs. 15) Cathy

2) Jonathan Johnson

Who: Come on now. Seriously. If you don't know who Jonathan is, you've never been to Fraser Field. He's the #1 broadcaster for the CanAm League on Versus and the founder of the CanAm Stickball League.

Pro: He is probably the most well-known and beloved Spirit fan in the entire universe. Additionally, he's fuckin' hilarious. He's also legendary for his fancy Reebok kicks and sick throwback jerseys.

Con: He is totally insane

15) Cathy

Who: That girl who does Wayne Kerrins' job sometimes, and Eric's job other times

Pro: She is buying a van and is going to drive us to New Jersey

Con: She is facing Jonathan, come on, there's no way she wins


7) Dennis Robinson vs. 10 Gary Roche

7) Dennis Robinson

Who: Spirit reliever-turned-starter

Pro: He kicked Eddie Lantigua in the chest... AND he's an awesome pitcher. He's also a funny guy, and his wavy locks are legendary.

Con: He's kind of notorious at this point because of his involvement in two brawls... or as the Worcester T&G would say, "a trend" of fighting

10) Gary Roche

Who: Spirit infielder


Con: Although he's a cool guy and a solid player, he started the year as more of a utility player and isn't really a bona-fide star, per se.


3) Butch Hobson vs. 14) Mike Meagher

3) Butch Hobson

Who: Nashua manager/former Red Sox & Yankees player

Pro: He's a celebrity with Red Sox ties. He had the funniest incident in recent memory when he took first base into the stands.

Con: He hasn't really accomplished anything in the Can-Am League. Also, he's a nutjob.

14) Mike Meagher

Who: Yeah, that's a good question

Pro: He has a funny name, I guess, and the Spirit have lit him up a few times, which is a good thing in my book

Con: Yeah...when you're only known because your family clearly doesn't know how to spell and/or pronounce (MA-HA?), you're in trouble


6) Richard Katz vs. 11) Saul Bustos

6) Richard Katz

Who: Ump.

Pro: Meow mix = good times. Well kknown around the league.

Con: A terrible, terrible umpire. Period.

11) Saul Bustos

Who: Legendary Rox SS who retired in '05

Pro: Has his own bobblehead. Was a tremendous player. '03 champion.

Con: This is Who's Now, not Who's Four Years Ago


Okay boys 'n girls, vote away.


Joe Grav said...

My picks:

2) Jonathan Johnson - this one is a layup

7) Dennis Robinson - as much as I want to pick Roche just because of his at-bat song, D-Rob has been around for two years and has been solid in a number of roles.

3) Butch Hobson - hard to argue that this guy isn't 'now'

11) Saul Bustos - he was SO good, and Richard Katz is SO shitty, that I can easily overlook the fact that Bustos has been retired for two years now.

Anonymous said...

Johnson, Robinson, Hobson and Bustos

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want to Abstain on 1st vote- If we're gonna vote for fans,why are we limited to these two and Spike? (who is a big whinebag anyway.)
All right- Jonathan; ONLY 'cause I don't know who Cathy is.

Robinson- love his fire even if he is lacking some discipline.

Hobson- wacked out crazy former cokehead is just too funny (looking) to be voted out.

Katz- He's now, Saul is gone despite the
fact that a Saul Bustos Jersey is hanging in my closet I gotta go with the Katzman. Meow meow meow meow
meow, meow,meow,meow


DaveCo said...

2) Jonathan--He rules over all Oponents (Sorry Cat =p) choice to win it all ^_^

7) Dennis Robinson--- Also Gonna go with D-Rob......mainyl for the same reasons as Joe. Although this one was tough for me cause I relaly like Roche as well.

3) Butch Hobson---Voting for him for botht he Pro & Con XD

6) Richard Katz--Im Going w/ Busos' Con here.....and plus,it's fun to "torture" him with the Meow Mix theme. He has his moments of glory,they're just overshadowed by our mocking of him whe he does horrible,like every other umpire in this league.

Grant Salzano said...

Jonathon - yeah

Roche - i had ALOT of trouble with this one...kicking someone in the chest versus the greatest musical intro ever. i pick the music.

Hobson - because.

Katz - cause no rox player will get a vote from me.

Grant Salzano said...

Edit: Jonathan*. My apoligies.

wooden said...

As much as I detest ESPN these days -- can you say image-over-substance, boys and anon? -- I'll put in my 10 cents:

15) Cathy - Anyone willing to drive you guys to NJ [insert Hoffa joke here]...

7) D-Rob -- Versatility as a pitcher is critical

3) Butch -- Because I'm one of the few here that remembers him as a player

11) Class matters, even two years removed

Anonymous said...

Bustos was notorious for peaking at the catchers signs. I know Trezza didn't appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Many players do, the ones who are the best at it don't get caught.