Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who's Now, Part 3 (for real)

So, Bustos wins his matchup with Richard Katz, and the first round for the Allentown bracket is done.

Round 2 will see the following matchups:
1) Nick Lopardo vs. 8) Tom Donahue
13) Andrew Wishy vs. 5) Michel Laplante
2) Jonathan Johnson vs. 7) Dennis Robinson
3) Butch Hobson vs. 11) Saul Bustos

Now, we move over to the Pittsfield bracket. Here are the first four matchups.

1) Vic Davilla vs. 16) Seth Bataan

1) Vic Davilla

Who: All-time legend of indy baseball, and the manager of the Spirit

Pro: He's a legend AND a badass, tough dude... his performance in game 5 of the 2004 championship series, despite the loss, is legendary

Con: Well, according to the Worcester T&G, his team is undisciplined because of him.

16) Seth Bataan

Who: Hey Seth, get me a hot dog please

Pro: Got us hot dogs and giveaway items. A hilarious name to recall.

Con: Totally awful at his job, as evidenced by the fact that he now works for Sussex

8) Joe Calfapietra vs. 9) BJ Weed

8) Joe Calfapietra

Who: Manager of the Jackals

Pro: Probably the longest serving manager in the CAL. '04 champ. Numerous funny incidents.

Con: Swears at little kids

9) BJ Weed

Who: Spirit outfielder

Pro: Best name in the league. A fan favorite. Hustles all the time. He hits, fields, saves the world, and is an all-around good guy.

Con: Much like Wishy, he's not really in the 'elite' status per se.

4) Bode Miller vs. 13) Allen Mottram

4) Bode Miller

Who: Olympic skiing dumbass who played in one game for the Nashua Pride

Pro: Very, very famous. 'Bode Miller Day' was a fun event which actually drew a crowd to a Nashua game (and that's saying something)

Con: Sucked in the Olympics; his actual accomplishments are unrelated to the Can-Am League

13) Allen Mottram

Who: Spirit catcher

Pro: He is ... uh... on the Spirit. And plays baseball. He's been a pretty solid pickup for the Spirit, too. 12-for-47 with 10 walks... I won't complain about that

Con: He is slower than Jon de Vries

5) Hideki Nagasaka vs. 12) Chris Colabello

5) Hideki Nagasaka

Who: Nashua Pride publicity stunt. Oh, I mean, ace pitcher.

Pro: Brought great PR to the Pride. Is a VERY good pitcher (just got another win the other day). Seems like a cool dude.

Con: Well, he probably wouldn't be that great of a party guest since he doesn't speak much English. Also...51.1 million yen? I really hope the Pride didn't ACTUALLY pay that as the posting fee to his Japanese team. I really hope they distributed that number as a joke. Because even if he goes 25-0, with a 0.00 ERA, 51.1 million yen is still like $300,000. That's more than the entire salary of the team.

12) Chris Colabello

Who: Nashua first baseman and former Worcester legend

Pro: '05 champion. Mellifluous name. Good player.

Con: Famous? Hardly. Also, when I said 'Worcester legend,' I was being sarcastic

So, there's the four matchups. Vote away. Voting will close after TOMORROW NIGHT's game vs the Grays.


Joe Grav said...

1. Vic Davilla. Obviously.

9. BJ Weed. This isn't even just hometown bias -- BJ is the man. Who doesn't like him?

4. Bode Miller - I don't plan to vote on him to go more than a round or two, but it's hard to deny that he's more 'now' than Mottram

5. Hideki Nagasaka - probably one of the more famous Can Am players, which isn't saying much, but still. Also, he's a nasty pitcher.

Grant Salzano said...

1) Vic Davilla

9) BJ Weed

4) Bode Miller. I like when famous people play baseball for the hell of it. Plus Mottram really, really, REALLY is the slowest guy I've ever seen...

5) I guess Nagasaka...


By the way, I officially call shenanigans on Gary Roche's loss, and i DEMAND a recount. Now.

wooden said...

1) 'Nuf ced
9) Smokin'
13) This is baseball, after all
5) Flipped a coin

Anonymous said...

1).Vic, Seth, will you go and get me a hot dog?. this one's a no-brainer. Besides, Seth is a Zipperhead (how in the world did HE get in here?, I'm hoping just for laughs.

8). Joes' actually won a league Championship and has stood the test of time. B.J. is great, but he's just an average to above average player. Sorry, can't to the hometown thing this time as much as I like the guy.

13.) Mottram is what he is, but he's NOT a publicity stunt,I've had my fill of those thank you very much.
IE: Oil Can taking the All-Star spot away from a more deserving Brian Morse despite having a worse record. Slow, weak hitter but quarterback of the pitching staff on Alex's days off.

12.) Collabello.
As previuosly mentioned, no publicity stunt votes upcoming here; especially with that being the "trend" in Nashua. Chris WAS part of a Championship team,and DID spend time in a Big-League org. even though he has returned.


Anonymous said...

I thought the $300,000 posting fee was for Akira Okomoto?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. Vic Davilla No Brainer

9. BJ Weed

4. Bode Miller- One of the few guys that did a promotion and actually played in a game.

5. Hideki Nagasaka- Anyone willing to play ball in Nashua gets my vote.


DaveCo said...

1) Vic is a given for this one. I mean....comeon,Seth?! Why would I vote for a glorifed butler?

8) Have to go with Joe for Spraky's reasons.....the pro WAY outway the con in this case. Besides,little kids are evidenced by me wanting to punch Jordan right now! XO

13) Gotta go with Mottram on this one.....and I thought Bode played twice for Nashua. Could be wrong

5) Gonna go with the Ompa-lompa here. Although Collabello might be "the better player", right now Nagasaka is one of the top 10 best pitchers in this league and,in my opinion,is "more now" then chris.
Must admit though,this oen was a tough one....
also,I thought that posting fee was for A-ok