Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A cordial invitation

Red Sox Rally Monday, Mon Oct. 1, TBA, Fenway Park
BC Women's Hockey vs. Renesselear, Fri Oct. 5, 7 PM, BC' s Conte Forum

The BC women's hockey team is kind of my winter version of the Spirit (a team few people care about, but I care deeply about). We're opening up the season next Friday night at 7 at BC's Conte Forum. Admission is FREE for everyone, and we get loud and have a lot of fun. If you plan on coming, bring artificial noisemakers if you have them. If not, just bring your voice.

Red Sox Rally Monday will be this coming Monday - in 2004, Dave and I went, and the Sox won the World Series. In '05, we didn't go, and we didn't win. Coincidence? Maybe. But I'm not willing to take that chance. They haven't announced what time the event will be at yet - if it's at night, I'm there, but if they do it in the afternoon, I can't go. Also, that night a certain football team that only wins because of spying and not because of sick players plays on Monday Night Football, so we could hit up somewhere to watch the game after.

Also, at some point, Dave said we should get together to have dinner and watch a game of some sort at the Sports Depot in Allston, something we've done in the past. I'll let you know when we hash out a date and time.

Hope to see you at Conte Forum on Oct. 5!


Anonymous said...

A semi-veiled slap @ the Pats?; come now, EVERYONE knows they are 1 of the 3 best in all football... if not THE best.
They all spy (read cheat); ask "the rat" Mangini....mofo's goin' down.

Grant Salzano said...

Joe was being

And I couldn't hear my trumpet on the video :-(

DaveCo said...

I will definitly go to BC next friday. And i'll be bringing my conga drum =]

As for the Sox Rally.....I can also go in the evening,but not in the afternoon.

When the time is announced ill send out e-mails and figure out whos in,whos out and tell where we can try to meet up. Glad i decided to round up everyone's info? ^_^

Joe Grav said...

Yes, I was being sarcastic re: the Pats. They obviously kick ass and this 'cheating' thing is way overblown

Although I think Rodney H. is scum.

Anonymous said...

Rodney IS a bum

DaveCo said...


(or third,however you look at it)

PS: The pats kick major ass. ^_^

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...
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Anonymous said...

Revs on Saturday

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

Does anyone know where BJ Weed is going? I know he Spirit didn't exercise an option on him earlier this year when the exercised an option on most of the other guys.

Joe Grav said...