Thursday, September 06, 2007

Game 2

Matt Bishop vs. Ben Thurmond

If you're a Surf fan, you can't be feeling very good about your team's chances in a short series in which Brian Rodaway has already lost. Nonetheless, as we saw in last year's playoffs, it's quite possible to win the first game of a 5-game series and lose, so let's keep the foot on the accelerator, eh?

As good as the Spirit have been on the road this year, I'd feel a lot more comfortable only having to win 1 out of 3 down there.

I don't even want to THINK about the possibility of this being the last game ever at Fraser Field -- gahh -- and a win tonight makes that scary possibility far less likely. So this is a big one.


Anonymous said...

I talked to Mayor Clancy's Office today and they confirmed the Spirit ARE NOT COMING BACK NEXT YEAR. I wish the Item would have something in the paper tomorrow but they probably won't. They have done a $*1! job of covering the Spirit.

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...
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icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I am so sad thinking this is the last Spirit game I'll ever go to at Fraser Field. Someone has to talk to Mayor Chip Clancy. Everyone should write, email and call Chip Clancy. Tell him he has to let the Spirit come back next year. It'll be so sad for the kids that won't have anything to do. I'll miss going to the games with all my friends and seeing the new friends I made at the ballpark. The Spirit is the best part of living in Lynn and the city is taking it away from us. We love the Spirit and Nick Lopardo! I'm so sad I'll never get to see another game at Fraser Field. Bye Alex Trezza! Bye Spirit!

Anonymous said...

Jilliebuck and I will be making the trip to A.C. for games 3-5 (hopefully just game 3) and will have lots of fodder for the blog upon our return or maybe before.
Guys, have fun in the "best seats in the house" and think about poor little me @ work; tough biz savin' loves, but someone's gotta do it.


wooden said...

Item is now reporting it

Anonymous said...

Yeah well I hope Chip Clancy doesn't think pushing the Spirit out of town is going to keep kids off the street and out of gangs. The Spirit gives kids something constructiveto do and about 100 Lynn kids have jobs at the Spirit

Anonymous said...
Home > Breaking News

Spirit to pull out of Lynn after season

By Steve Krause and Henry J. Collins / The Daily Item

The North Shore Spirit will not return next summer, a source within the organization confirmed today.

The Spirit, who are playing for the championship of the independent CanAm League, lasted five years in the city -- longer than the previous two minor league franchises -- the Lynn Sailors/Pirates (which were affiliated with the Seattle Mariners and Pittsburgh Pirates) and the unaffiliated Massachusetts Mad Dogs (now the New Haven County Cutters of the CanAm League).

Owner Nick Lopardo, who put more than $3 million into the refurbishment of Fraser Field, is said to be disappointed in this year’s attendance figures.

While their success off the field may not have been to the owner’s satisfaction, it was a different story on the field, where the Spirit made the post-season four of five seasons n including this one. They played twice for the league title, losing in 2003 to the Brockton Rox and in 2004 to the Jersey Jackals.

“I am not surprised by the move,” CanAm President Miles Wolff said Thursday afternoon when contacted by phone. “I had hoped there might be a way to have kept them in Lynn, but I know from many discussions with Nick (Lopardo) that he was frustrated by the lack of attendance.”

Wolff said he does not expect Lopard to relocate the Spirit but rather to just close the operation. Lopardo could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.

The Spirit play host to Atlantic City tonight in the first round of the CanAm playoffs. The Spirit took a 1-0 series lead over Atlantic City with a 5-4 win Wednesday.

For more information see tomorrow's Daily Item and

DaveCo said...
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DaveCo said...

i heard its because mayor clancy wanted to jack up prices against nick,probably for the lease,when Nick SHOULDN'T have fact with what hes done he deserves to pay veyr little to lease the field.

Thank you Mayor Clancy........once again you prove how much of a dick you areand how much you care abotu furthuring this city (not just with this incident,but many others with Nick).

Anonymous said...

You tell em Dave, couldn't agree more


Anonymous said...

Jill told me the crowd seemed stunned 2nite

DaveCo said...

Ya...i could get that vibe even though I showed up late.

we ALL know thatr the problem isn't all attendance,although it is partly the reason,but it's mainly the municipal government's participation.

Anything that seems to furthur a better image for the city seems to be lost in paperwork,doesn't have funding,or dissapears off the map.

Congrats voters of this FINE,this is your mayor......a balding idiot who would much rather jog aroudn the city for hours then do his job and try to keep something wonderful in this city (something we nee dmore than his training for 5 miles of the boston marathon).

DaveCo said...

PS: Sparky....take me with you ='[

I'll clean the gutters.....

Anonymous said...

promises, promises

Anonymous said...

Everyone should flood Chip's ofices with letters & send copies to Nick. For good measure send copies as letters to the editor to the Lynn Journal and Daily Item. Maybe with enough pressure on City Hall and enough support for Nick we can turn this around. Lets rally round the home team!