Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good night... and good luck

Shades of Yuri Sanchez. Trailing by 2 with 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the franchise, Nilson Teilon hit a long drive to deep center-field that at first looked like it might have had the legs to get out for a walk-off home run. Sadly, it died in centerfield and the Nashua Pride walked away with a sweep in the 2007 CanAm Championship Series. It was a fitting end for the franchise which led the league in regular season wins over its 5 seasons, but never won the championship.

We were never able to overcome a 5-run 1st inning by the Nashua Pride off of Luis Arroyo, sparked by a 2-run Olmo Rosario homer. Hideki Nagasaka was brilliant in earning the victory. El Guapo got a shaky save in the 9th, giving up a run.

There were lots of tearful goodbyes at the ballyard tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll post more videos and pictures than you can shake a stick at, including video of the last out.

Until then, I have to sleep… badly.

For the record: I had a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank all of you for for being so supportive of Victoria. You guys made her night when you started claping and yelling Victoria when she walked into the stands. Several kids, a couple of North Shore Spirit employees and a couple of the ball players asked for her autograph last night too.
She went into Nick's booth to thank for him the chair and told him he could have the chair back if the Spirit come back next year.
She had a great time until we lost and she realized this was the end. After the game Alex Trezza gave her a hug and posed for a picture with her.
On the way out of the park she kept saying "bye Spirit, bye Fraser Field, bye Alex" and she cried all the way home. Poor kid. She wrote on her blog then cried herself to sleep last. But you guys and the Spirit have been a big part of her summer & I just want to thank you all for being so nice to the little redhead in the ballpark. Thanks again & stay in touch. You're all like family now.
I must say I was impressed with the way the Spirit players stopped to talk to kids and sign autographs for kids on their way off the field even after losing a heartbreaking game like that. That speaks volumes about these guys, their love of the game & the way they appreciate their fans.
Victoria said she is not giving up the fight. Victoria said she is going to keep passing petitions and give them to the Mayor and Lopardo.

wooden said...

Not quite a whimper...

Anonymous said...

keep a 2 time champion on the bench the last 2 years you deserve to loose

Anonymous said...

If this anon idiot is referring to Mottram AGAIN..., He wasn't even here last year you dope, now go away, back to the group home.

Joe Grav said...

HAHHA... nothing like an anonymous DOPE to cheer me up after a depressing loss.

We would have won if we played Mottram?


I needed that. Between the Spirit's nonexistence, the Red Sox choking against the Yanks last night, and the T having a breakdown forcing me to not get home until 1:40 last night, I've been in dire need of a good laugh.


Come back any time...

Joe Grav said...

And to Anon#1 - thank you for visiting the blog and you're welcome to Victoria. She's the best!

Enjoy the chair :)

And if it makes her feel any better, I'm 19 and I cried for about ten minutes. There were plenty of tears to go around last night.


Anonymous said...

There was scarcely a dry eye in the house. Was told by a Spirit staffer that Nick was not to be found after the game, but was seen with tears in his eyes too.

Thanks Nick for all of it: the good and not so good, but mostly the memories to be cherished.


Joe Grav said...

Yeah, I heard that too.

For the first few minutes after the game ended, I was very upset, but I wasn't even on the verge of tears. I didn't feel them coming at all. Then I turned around and saw someone else crying -- I don't remember who -- and that's when I lost it.

Pics & videos coming at around 4PM tonight, folks. I gotta go do some work in the meanwhile. See yas

Anonymous said...

I'm 45 years old and I'm crying. My 10 year old grew up on this team and even after yesterday's heartbreaking loss he told me he was glad we were there at the end. We NEVER left before the end of a game and I can say my boys and I were there at the final awful out. It's been a fun five years and I can't think of anything locally that can replace it. Figures the Yankees would come back just to depress me further.

Best of luck to Spirit team members who made this a season to remember.

Anonymous said...

joe grav if you ever see mottram again ask him to see his 2 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS you lost because your team didn't have a manager

Anonymous said...

Alex Mottram Fan. Enough already. You sound happy we lost so maybe you should take your gloating somewhere else. Last I knew this was Fraser Faithful not spit on the Spirit and cry in my beer because Mottram didn't get enough playing time blog.

wooden said...

Clearly, he has a taste for Mottram that we don't, if you know what I mean

DaveCo said...

Dear Mottram fan:

Allen was alright,but not the best player we had. His presence ont he filed wouldn't have made a difference.

You keep saying he has 2 rings & should've played and we would've porbably won.....he was a backup! He is the equivilant,to me,of the utility player used only a hadnful of times,doesn't hit well,yet still gets a ring cause he was on the team.

Please shut up.

Your friend,