Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Gathering Information....

That's right,I'm going to actually start gathering information.

This information will be used in the case that we need to contact you if we do a get-together or something like that. And we may do newsletters every now and then if we get enough emails and enough news.

SO.....that being said,if you want to be a part of this I will be the one collecting this info. and it will be confidential.
The following info would be appreciated:
** NAME--This one is an obvious one
** E-mail Address and/or AIM name
** Phone Number--This is recomended if you don't have an e-mail address or don't check it often. It is optional,but still would be nice to have.
** If you have any other info that you want to include (address,best time to be reached,etc) then e-mail me that as well.

My e-mail address is It's also my AIM name.

If you don't have e-mail then try to talk to me somehow and we'll figure somethign out.
And if you have suggestions for stuff to do also e-mail me or post it here somewhere.

One suuggestion I have to to have a get-together at teh Sports Depot in Alston. Me and Joe did this along with Jack last year and enjoyed it. If some of you wanna do it then that'd be good--I'm thinking Late October/Early November.

And if you didn't read it already--below this post is my relection on my Fraser/Spirit experience.

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