Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Playoff baseball...

I absolutely love the days when you wake up in the morning and already have a knot in your stomach in anticipation of a big game. Those days are rare, but when they come, it's very exciting.

Today's classes can't go by quickly enough! See you all tonight!

Pitching Probables

Wednesday September 5:
New Jersey (John Kelly, 7-3) at Nashua (Hideki Nagasaka, 10-1) 6:35 PM
Atlantic City (Brian Rodaway, 15-3) at North Shore (Ryan Bicondoa, 10-2) 7:05 PM

Thursday September 6:
New Jersey (Joel Bennett, 3-2) at Nashua (Akira Okamoto, 9-2) 6:35 PM
Atlantic City (Ben Thurmond, 10-5) at North Shore (Luis Arroyo, 1-0 or Matt Bishop, 9-5)
7:05 PM

Friday September 7:
Nashua (TBA) at New Jersey (Ryan Pacyna, 6-2) 7:05 PM
North Shore (Gary Galvez, 7-9) at Atlantic City (JC Huguet, 9-5) 7:05 PM

Saturday September 8:
Nashua at New Jersey* 7:05 PM
North Shore at Atlantic City* 7:05 PM

Sunday September 9:
Nashua at New Jersey* 5:05 PM
North Shore at Atlantic City* 7:05 PM


Joe Grav said...

12:53 update --

The weather is gorgeous right now in Chestnut Hill, and it seems like it's going to be a perfect night for playoff baseball -- it's sunny and nice out right now, but you can tell that once night falls, there will be a little bit of an autumn bite to the air. It won't be cold, but it'll be cool enough to know it's playoff time.

I'm done with classes for the day and now I just have a short shift of work at the library before I take off for Lynn :) woohoo playoffs.


wooden said...

Well, not ALL of us ;-)

Anonymous said...

attendance only 310 ??? wow

Anonymous said...

Spike sucks
Anonymously yours,

DaveCo said...

Anonymous is a coward
Blatantly yours,

DaveCo said...

ALSO: I wanna echo what Nick said about the crowd.
"It's's embarrassing"

I'll make my sentiments more known in the post about tonight that Joe will be doing shortly (?)

wooden said...

When did Nick say that? He wasn't on the air last night.

DaveCo said...

he said that to someone i know.