Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Playoffs Are A' Coming!

Ok,here's a few things......
1) The Spirit have finished the season by having Sussex take 2-out-of-3. Want the game reports? Go to the Spirit site XD
2) Want a laugh? Go HERE!
3) Joe is going to do a playoff preview post tomorrow,it being an off day and all...
4) He will also release the much-anticpated next round of "Who's Now?" tomorrow. ^_^
5) ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I start college tomorrow night at 7....wish me luck,as I may need it. =p
6) All "regulars",heads up--I will be there Wednesday bearing gifts =]

That is all...
Oh yeah,and those pics I took with everyone today--expect a montage up of those in the next day or so. ;]


DaveCo said...

PS: Arroyo is out with the chikcen pox (unconfirmed rumor--not from willy)

Anonymous said...

I've now read Tom King's Nashua Telegraph column, perhaps the source of the report on Boston TV that the Pride are as moribund as the Spirit. Guys, the column was a King editorial. He writes one every year at this time to try to drum up attendance at Pride games. Yes, Pride were last in the league, 300-per-night under break-even, and John Stabile "can't be expected to lose money forever." But the only specific in the story is that Stabile does like owning the Nashua team; in my personal opinion, he is not apt to own a team in any other city, and he must see that attendance towers over last year's, using a sales staff cobbled together at the last minute.

Pride have dipped under 1300 lately--I know some key press box people have gone back to school, and surely part of the sales force did too--but last year we were under 1000.

I'll go out on a limb and say the Pride are coming back, perhaps even with Hobson completing his three-year contract.


Anonymous said...

Recent events are moving me closer to Joe's position that the Spirit should take a Brockton "Fun Is Good" sign and mark it up to read, "Rules Is Good."

Last weekend an usher told me Nick was in a bad mood and pleaded with me to stop LEANING against the media desk--which was VACANT for the entire game.

Separately, the on-street parking space I've used all season (adjacent to the visitors' bus) is now NO PARKING ANY TIME. The spaces right in front of Manning Field don't have these signs, but they surely will, as the street is narrower there. There was no real traffic problem, least of all on the broader segment where I parked; it is an overt effort to remove alternatives to off-street parking for a fee. (The city wouldn't do it when only Nick stood to profit, but now the Lynn schools are in on the deal.)

If I wanted municipal racketeering, I'd watch the Manchester NH Fisher Cats, where pedestrian access is terrible, parking was not a part of the Master Plan but is only available from neighbors at TEN DOLLARS, and the Cats are now before the city asking that an abutter be prohibited from building high-rise condos overlooking the field. If this is a trend, then maybe the Spirit should ask Lynn to force residents of the Stadium condos to put tar paper over their sliding doors during the Can-Am season.

Separately, I'll be sorry to miss the Spirit first round, as Pride and Spirit have playoff games on the very same days. I am sure I'll be watching the Spirit in the finals--but maybe not against the Pride, who haven't won an entire series in weeks--though the Jackals are the coldest team in the league.


Anonymous said...

That Arroyo rumor is true, as I was talking to Vic after the game on Monday, and he had mentioned that to me. Arroyo's supposed to start game 2, but seeing that I never had the chicken pox, I don't know how long it can have one out for. If he doesn't start game 2, perhaps he would start the fourth.