Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pride Vs Jackals: Game 5

This is it. Whoever wins this game goes to the championship to face YOUR North Shore Spirit.
It's game 5 of the Can-Am League Semi-finals: the Nashua Pride Vs The New Jersey Jackals!
I'll try to update the score every now and this game is a game of interest.

I perosnally woud like to face Nashua.....and would also like to go up there for a playoff game on Wednesday (since I have school tuesday night)......

5:34 PM: In the bottom of the 2nd it's 2-0 Nashua.
5:41 PM: Apparently the Jackals scraped together 3 hits in the 2nd,matching the Pride's output......but couldn't do anything with them! =] Still 2-0 Pride as they go to the 3rd.
6:21 PM: Bottom of the 4th.......The Pride added two more in the top of the 4th to make it 4-0 Pride! The Jackals have 2 hits while the Pride have 7.
6:43 PM: Still 4-0 Pride,heading into the 6th
7:17 PM: After 7 it's still 4-0 Pride. The Pride have 8 hit while the Jackals have half that. Neither team has pulled a Sussex (Error).
7:44 PM: It's still 4-0 Pride going into the Top of the 9th! GO PRIDE!!!! =]

Ok,the playoff fianls are now set!
It's the Nashua Pride Vs YOUR North Shore Spirit.

The fianls begin this Tuesday in Nashua where games 1 and 2 will be played.
Game 3 and any others,if needed,will be played here in Lynn at good ol' Fraser field starting Thursday!


PS: We should definitly plan a road trip to Nashua....for Wednesday if possible ( cause i got classes Tuesday) :-p


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun we're gonna have...... .

Anonymous said...

I heard it was 4 - 0 now. Not sure of the inning

DaveCo said...

It's the 4th......I'm doing homework and checking the score every now and then.

The Can-Am site SHOULD have the score,with inning,up there.

Anonymous said...


Why are there leaves in all my gutters?

Anonymous said...

I know who pissed in Rosa's Cheerios........

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I have a homeowrk assignment for everybody! MAKE SIGNS AND BRING THEM TO FRASER FIELD ON THURSDAY!
You don't have to make Trezza signs but lets pack the place and bring lots of signs! The players will think they're at fenway :)

Anonymous said...

Tues. night @ Holmann Satdium
6:35pm Start time

Anonymous said...

DaveCo, we can probably get You up there........
drop ma a line @ and I'll get You my #.

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

My North Shore Spirit #42 Alex Trezza Jersey is filthy. I told Grandma it's BAD LUCK to wash it b4 we win the championship. So I put a poll on my blog. Do you believe its bad luck to wash it before the playoff games? VOTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Am amazed that the Nagasaka/Kelly match-up went the Pride's way this time--especially after seeing Naga waddling around with a big ice pack on his thigh last week. Kelly's pitch count was way up (110 over 6 innings); Nagasaka was more economical. Palazzolo got the job done and El Guapo had another nail-biting inning. Your combination of Jamie Baker and Derek Drage may be your secret weapon.

Both our teams have an explosive lineup, yours supercharged with the recent reacquisition of Teilon. But both our teams can have the bats go to sleep for long stretches, mid-game.

The league reports attendance was 454, which seems about right. Game 3 was reportedly well-attended; the Jackals clinched the first half and were able to sell that date for months. Jake the Jackal tried to steal my cowbells. One Jackal fan told me he had a (self-inflicted) ear disease with a long name and I should stop banging cowbells. Victim nation! I moved down to the front row and got louder.

Jackals fans have years of animus against Vic Davilla. "Every team he has played for has gone bankrupt!" They told us they hope we sweep youse.