Saturday, October 27, 2007


As much good as there has been in recent days, this just makes me not care about any of it... the Bruins' young superstar Patrice Bergeron just got very very very very badly injured - he got his head knocked into the boards from behind. He got taken out on a stretcher and was motionless on the ice for at least ten minutes. I am sick to my stomach...

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DaveCo said...

I didn't see it,but heard about it.
This is very sad and we should all pray that he isn't too seriously hurt.

A press release from states the following:
“After initially losing consciousness on the ice, Patrice has regained consciousness and has been taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he is undergoing a series of tests.

Patrice has sustained a concussion and a broken nose. The initial x-rays and CT scan have not shown any other serious injury to his head or neck, and he has full feeling and motion in all of his extremities.

We will continue to monitor Patrice and await the final results of his medical studies.”