Sunday, October 07, 2007

Red Sox Advance To 07 ALCS!

Behind a strong pitching performance from Curt Schilling and back-to-back homers from Big Papi & Manny the Red Sox swept the Angels and advance to the ALCS for the first time since 04 with a 9-1 win!

Now we need to wait and see if the Yankees' aging starter,Roger Clemens, can hold off the Indians and keep the Yankees' playff dreams alive....or see if the Indians can beat the future HoFer and advance to face the BoSox.

As of 7:21 PM it's the Indians 2, Yankees 0 after 2....
7:32 PM: Clemens stirkes out batter and is pulled from the game. As he leaves he meets a standing ovation. Will this be his last game ever? Who knows.......especially with his actions these past few years. Phillip Hughes now in for the Yanks,still losing 2-0 in the 3rd
7:59 PM: Damon rbi-single makes it 3-1 Indians after 3. Inning ended on a Jeter double-play...the Yanks 3rd of the game so far--ouch!
9:54 PM:Took an hour and a half trip to Wendy's,CVS,Flax Pond and back.....I come back in and the Yanks are up 8-4 after 7.5 innings. We should now add the Yankees to a list of things that won't die that includes Freedy Kruger & Jason
10:16 PM: Yankees hold on to force game 4, an 8-4 win

*Times TBA*
2007 NLCS: Rockies @ Diamondbacks -- Game 1, Thursday on TBS
2007 ALCS: TBD @ Red Sox -- Game 1, Friday on Fox

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