Tuesday, October 02, 2007

State of Fraser / Pride Updates

As I said,I went to Fraser yesterday after work. It was a sad sight.....
all of the outfield padding/ads are gone as is the big video/scoreboard. It looks pretty barren right now cause of those things missing.
Bobby K was able to get some pictures of them taking that stuff down. Here they are,althugh they dont show the fence as it is currently from the parking lot area lookign in........

And now for the Pride Update let's turn to our New Hampshire correspondent,Spike:
Further to the Pride's has two articles. The Can-Am League has given the Pride extension--until way after the league meeting next week--to decide whether it is in; the owner says it's more than 50/50, but has abandoned selling part-ownerships in favor of a new push to sell season tickets; but Butch Hobson has been given permission to talk to other teams just in case. Whew!

Thank you Spike. It looks like the Pride are still clinging to life,but barely. This is decision by ownership/management that looks like it may come down to a last-day choice.
I hope they stay,as do others--but there's no good or bad signs in my opinion (they kind of balance out). Anyone wanna weigh in on this?

IN OTHER NEWS: "North Shore: Sold the contracts of INF Gilbert Gil, INF Gary Roche and OF Joe Hough to Edinburg (United League). OF BJ Weed played out his option in 2007 and is now a free agent."--I think now we have no players left,or 1.....



Anonymous said...

Did they take that stuff down every year for the winter or leave it up?

DaveCo said...

I believe they left it up

Anonymous said...

Am honored to have my last report moved to the Front Page! There is no further news yet from the Pride Death Watch. Prospective advertisers are being pitched the hope that their ads will play to a full stadium. Prospective fans are being shown Butch as the face of the team. We would all walk through the door...if we knew everyone else would be inside. But if not, who takes the first step?

Let's again go in a different direction--back in time, to the Massachusetts Mad Dogs. The Spirit were a vehicle to plow $2 million in renovations into Fraser. The Mad Dogs were a scheme to get money out of Lynn. The Spirit charged premium prices. The Mad Dogs let you in for $1 with a copy of the Lynn Item, or you could go to the Item offices and pick up a free ticket from the stack at the reception desk, although not even Item employees did so.

The Mad Dogs had a single entrance (Western Ave.), a single dirt parking lot next door (where food service was under the Spirit), and no commerce except on the smoking-permitted concourse behind the seating area. No web page; no management buildings (souvenirs were sold out of a rented house across Western Ave.); of course no web site.

The City didn't support the Spirit, and the City didn't support the Mad Dogs--at least until the roof concrete started cracking and falling, then they obligingly brought in some snow fence to condemn the entire center sections.

A ball club doesn't survive with petition signatures from out-of-staters. It survives with revenues. The Mad Dogs were cheap. The Spirit were premium. Neither has made the numbers work. Is there any way to make the numbers work? Is there any level of spending that will attract a greater amount of revenue?


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the front page of the Lynn Journal today? Victoria Glidden is on the front page with Trezza in a story about the Spirit.

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

My petition is not signed by people out of state. Almost everybody who signed it on the Internet and in person lives in Lynn, Peabody, Salem and Swampscott. I don't know 1 person that signed it that hasn't been to Spirit games. Maybe it won't do any good but at least I am trying to do something.

Anonymous said...

Finger pointing, Broad assumptions riddled with self-serving opinions and, last-but-not-least: ridiculing a 9 yr. old girl's attempt to save the team she loves.
Gee Spike, do you have anything of real substance to say or are you just full of shit as usual?.
Who gives a shit about the Pride?.
I, for one, wish you hadn't gotten "to the front page", seems to have gone right to your head; as if you needed more incentive.

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I care about the Pride. I don't want to see any team go away. It hurts the players, league and fans. Besides it was always fun to watch the Pride play. I especially like it when Hobson took first base.