Friday, October 05, 2007

There's Only One Actober....Or Not

I was listening to TBS and saw their ad for the playoffs. At the end they had a website at the bottom and I checked it out.
It's a video contest.....So I'm considering entering this "Actober" contest MLB is putting on.

At this point I'd have to choose a moment from these. They'll keep updating throughout the playoffs and more clips will become available to mimic.

The object is to create an original recreation of one of the mometns they put on their site. I figured I'd ask peple here the following:
Does anyone have any ideas for a video and does anyone want to help?

No guarentee iy'll actually happen,but since I'd have until Nov. 1 to enter I'd like to think that it's a good possibility I could put something together =]

OR---and this would probhably be a goood idea as well......
What if instead of a famous MLB moment we reenact a Spirit moment,or moments,that we recall and think woould be cool to copy. Just a thought.....

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icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

It would be so cool if we could do a Spirit moment. My favorite was when Butch took first base but I don't think that would fit. I'd help if I can