Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What to watch for

The biggest bummer about baseball season ending is the fact that there's no game on every night to have in the background and keep me company while I'm doing work. You have to search around during the offseason.

Luckily, this is a pretty good weekend. These are still exciting times - the doldrums don't really come until late Januaryish.

The 6-4 Bruins have a fairly big game tomorrow night (as big as the 11th game of the season can be) against the Buffalo Sabres, one of the beasts of the east. This will be a tough stretch for the B's without Bergeron.

Friday night, the much anticipated Celtics season begins. The new lineup is definitely exciting - I might even watch the whole game (usually I plan to watch the whole opener, then give up after 5 minutes).

Every BC game is huge at this point because every game in college football is like a playoff, and Saturday is no exception as we are taking on Florida State at 8:00 in Alumni Stadium. It'll be on ABC.

We all know that there's a pretty big football game on Sunday in Indy.

Happy viewing to ya.

By the way
-I'll have my pictures up from the rolling rally at some point this week;
-Anyone interested in going to a Bruins game sometime later on this winter? Maybe we could even get enough people to get a group rate.


Jack Suslak said...

Yes this is a definitely an extremely exciting football weekend. I almost in a way am more excited about the BC game I mean we are at #2 with a loss by Ohio State we could be #1, also we need to keep winning to stay in the National Title race, also Matt Ryan is still the frontrunner in the heisman race so he needs to play great to stay there.

Don't Get me wrong I cant wait to see the Patriots destroy the Colts, btw which I definitely think we can do to them in Indy.

B's are definitely doing pretty well so far, but yeah losing Patrice is gonna hurt us for while, but hope it will have the rest of the team to rise up in the wake of that.

I cant wait to watch the Celts this year, enough said!

Now, where were you at the Parade Joe, I tried to meet up with you over at Copley, but I didnt see ya?

Bruins Game, BC Womens or Men's Hockey I would definitely be down for just let me know Joe.


Happy Halloween to Everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

And now the dismantling of the Spirit is complete. The last two remaining members of the North Shore Spirit, Mike Torres and Vic Davilla, were both claimed on waivers today by Sussex. That's according to the CanAm League website.

The funny thing is that if you go to the Sussex website, it talks about acquiring Torres, but makes no mention whatsoever about the acquisition of Vic.

It also states in another release that the Skyhawks are looking for a new manager. Perhaps that might be Vic.

Jonathan Weiner

DaveCo said...

Ya,I'm definitly in for a bruins game or going to another BC hockey game. Just gimmie a call or IM me or soemthing. And remember,I have everyone's contact info--so if you can come up with a few dates i can send it out and we can use the blog or message board to come up with a definite date. =]

Thanks for the info & good point there Jonathan. Not like Sussex could do any worse with Vic doing both playing AND managing (I still say it might've distracted him just a tad).

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

My grandma & I want to go to a Bruins game. We were talkig about it last night.