Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holoyke Franchise Officially Moving To Lynn

It's official.
The Holyoke Giants are moving to Lynn.

They come here with a new GM most of us will remember.....Robin Wallace.
That's right,the GM of the 07 Can-Am League champion Nashua Pride is retunring to Lynn to help another baseball franchise in the city. I met with her and Phillip Rosenfield yesterday at LynnCAM to talk about broadcasting the games lives,like we did last year with the Spirit. Needless to say,he was happy to know we were interested and gladly said that we could. As to how many games,seeing as there are only 21 home games as opposed to (what?) 46,we don't know.

Like I said,I met with Mr Rosenfield--and I will say this: He seems like a very kind,good man who really wants this team to survive and be really involved with the community.

There's still one problem with this team that should be at least discussed.....a team name. At the moment,Phil said the name choices are down to the Nor'Easters, the Wave OR the Tidal Wave. BUT--fan input is always good. So,what do you guys have for name ideas?
And--I know some of us don't or won't like him,but what about a mascot?

Any other input would be valued =]


DaveCo said...

It was good to see Robin again. Judging by what she did with Nashua I feel she's already a great asset to this team.

As for a name....I myself like the name Nor'Easters.

Anonymous said...

I for one am thrilled that this team is moving to Lynn, to have a team use the field on a regular basis over the summer is just awesome, further more I am looking forward to spending another summer with some of my best friends and great baseball fans such as Dave,Joe,Eric,Sparky,Jill,Ernie and many more. Also that is great news about Robin returning to Nashua, what happened to her and the Pride? And to get the games live on Lynncam would be nice as well. And I definitely go for the nickname the Nor'easters as a weather buff I am certainly familliar with the term. Well again this is great news. And we definitely need to get together some point over the holidays. Joe any good Womens' Hockey games coming up at BC?


PS- No matter what you think about this new team, they are coming to Lynn and we need to support it and that means portraying a positive light here on the blog. So lets keep the topics on good things like Baseball and getting together, and leave the In Fighting behind.

DaveCo said...

i can't beleve I'm saying this......i agree with Jack

Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

I think "Nor'easter" is th best of the three, but I think there are better suggestions to be had. Think in terms of what would make fore a cool logo for a hat.

Joe Grav said...

Sweet jesus, not the Tidal Wave.


I like the Nor'easters because it honors the Spirit (no pun intended) of Nick Lopardo, who wanted to name his hockey team that.

North Shore Nor'easters sounds cool.

I always thought Blue Sox would be a good name for a team, just for kicks.

Maybe something honoring the local baseball history- how about the Lynn Sailors?

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I still like my Pirates idea for a name. There were real pirates in Lynn and I think Lynn had a baseball team named Pirates once.