Monday, November 05, 2007


Let's examine the evidence:

-Amazingly bad referee calls
-Piped in crowd noise
-Pats' coach-to-QB communication system was broken
-Bill "Conflict of Interest" Polian constantly gets the competition committee to change rules based on what benefits Indy and hurts the Pats
-Colts defensive players simulating Pats' snap count

I am not a Pats apologist - in fact, I wrote a column in The Heights about how Spygate and Rodney Harrison's HGH use tainted the team somewhat, and has tempered my enthusiasm and excitement about the Pats' season. But I think it's pretty funny that the ~holier than thou~ Indianapolis Colts also have some skeletons in the closet.

I think it's pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that the NFL is a vicious, ruthless league and you are naive if you think the Patriots are big, bad cheaters and the Colts are the innocent force of good, trying to win with 'integrity.'

Someone else put it best: the biggest impact of the punishment by the league over Spygate was that now, the Pats need to buy a camera with better zoom, so somebody can film the opponent from the stands instead of from the sideline (which, for the record, is not illegal -- the rule the Pats broke was having an unauthorized cameraman on the sidelines, not filming the Jets' coordinator). If the league were to stop the Colts from piping in crowd noise, it would actually directly impact their home-field advantage.

Who's tainted now?

UPDATE: Yes, the very audible 'glitch' from yesterday was supposedly a "CBS problem," but you're naive if you don't think the Colts are piping in crowd noise --- it's been accused for years. What the CBS glitch did was make the public talk about it.


Anonymous said...

And, what's with the BOGUS penalty calls against the Pats?
Hobbs' was the most egregious in my view:
1. He made NO contact
2. He had a better position on the ball than did the reciever
3. He was lookin back for the ball
The Offensive pass interference call call was almost as bad.
Peyton Manning should stick to doing TV commercials, and Tony "ther Skipper", whom I thought I had respect for, turns out to be nothing but a chicken-shit who would rather run his mouth in the press than say "no comment".
Still at the end of the day, we are 9-0 and will get a chance to play in 10 degree weather vs. the Colts in Jan.
Turn off the heat, turn down the noise.....

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

YEAH! Shilling is supposed to sign a 1 year contract with the Sox today! Now if we can keep Lowell too!

DaveCo said...

I wasn't able to watch the game, but I just listened to the audio in question from that game

Weird. Sounds like something from a bad video game....

Anonymous said...

I saw Willy Mo Tenney Saturday evening at the Fenwick football game, and I asked him, "How did the Yankees do in the postseason?". He just laughed, smiled, and didn't say anything. Later on, he told me that he had his Colts shirt on.

Poor Willy Mo, rooting for two teams that are coming in second (or worse) for many years to come!!

Jonathan Weiner