Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still alive, big news coming

Hey everyone, it's been awhile, but there is some big news coming soon - so be patient! Within days, we should have an official announcement about the name of the new NECBL team moving to Lynn. I am confident that everyone will like the name.

I will be serving as the sports information director for the new team, so I'll be very busy getting ready for the upcoming baseball season. Expect some neat new features at the blog next season.

We'll also be migrating over to a new, more generic URL soon - probably - but stay tuned on that.

What does everyone think of the Bruins and Celtics so far?


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Joe - Congrats on the SID role! I certainly hope one of your first moves is to re-establish ties with the Salem Evening News in terms of coverage. I understand they got sick of Nick, but you're going to sell them on it's a new show, a new start, etc.

The next key is to get a feature article, kind of like the one done in the Globe North, in every weekly newspaper within 25 miles of Lynn.

If you're interested in tips and advice, hit me offline -- this is my "sweet spot" because I've been on the other side of the SID's phone/desk.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe-
That's great to hear. Congrats!
Anon #1

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

My grandma showed me this post. If you move the blog that's okay but could we plz keep this one up too. When I miss the Spirit and my friends from Frasier I read all the old posts on here especially the stuff we wrote when we listened to away games together online. Grandma has been working a lot but we're still doing the float. maybe she can email u this weekend.

DaveCo said...

first off,congrats joe! youll do a great job,im sure ^_^

second--i'm sure everything will stay the same. either hes just changing the web address and everything will stay or hell make a new blog and leave this one up for nostalgia's sake. =]

Jack Suslak said...

Wow Joe how did you manage this role, this is awesome for you and now it has one of us directly involved with the team so hopefully things will go better this time. Don't forget to spend sometime on school work and having fun lol. But seriously thats great buddy, if you need any help let me know.

Bruins are playing pretty good lately, and Celts are so relevant again its amazing, but what they did to the Knicks last night was something else just thrashing that patch work excuse of an NBA Team with a fraud of a gm/coach in Isaiah Thomas.

What you all predict for the ACC title game tomorrow, I think Matty and the boys will deliver again and we will win the ACC and grant ur going to Miami!

Well keep in touch everyone and hopefully we can get together sometime

DaveCo said...

lol @ the Bruins apology

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joe!! I think you will do GREAT!!!

Allyson & Joshua