Sunday, December 02, 2007

How the Hokies got screwed

Before this year, I was actually against a college football playoff. I honestly thought it was better to be able to have many teams end the year with a big win instead of just one. I think that going to the Orange Bowl and winning it makes it an awesome season, way better than going to the playoffs and losing. But the SCREW JOB that is happening to Virginia Tech right now absolutely proves that the system is horrendously unfair.

LSU is going to jump from 7 to 2 in the rankings and get to play tOSU in the national championship game, just as the ESPN morons have wanted all year. All year they've been drooling over LSU because they have the fastest and most athletic team, but the fact is they LOST TWICE TO UNRANKED TEAMS.

People say, yeah, but LSU beat Virginia Tech by 40 (earlier in the season before VT's offense came to life under Tyrod Taylor, but I digress). Fine. I agree.

LSU is a better team than VT, talent wise. There is no doubt about it.

BUT, THAT'S NOT WHAT THE POLLSTERS SAID LAST WEEK. Now when it comes time to pick the NCG contenders they are changing their tune. Explain this to me.

Last week, in the coaches poll which counts toward the BCS, Virginia Tech was ranked #5
in the country. They went out and beat BC, the #11 team in the country, by 14.

Last week, LSU was ranked #7. They went out and beat Tennessee, the #15 ranked team in the country, by 7.

Somehow, a win over the #15 team by 7 points is enough to boost you over a team ranked above you that beat the #11 team by 14 points. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

If the pollsters thought a 2-loss LSU team was better than a 2-loss VT team they should have voted as such in the polls last week. I am now utterly convinced that the people they have voting in these things are complete assclowns. The situation is the same now: 2 loss VT, 2 loss LSU, and all of a sudden the order is swapped. For real????

But the media has been dying to crown LSU all year because ESPN gets boners for certain teams regardless of what they actually do on the field because their players can run fast and jump high and are high in the recruiting rankings. That's why Notre Dame is always redonkulously overrated, they get all the top recruits and the media doesnt want to look dumb for ranking their recruits so highly.

The only time teams outside of the really big powerful ones ever get a chance is when ESPN gets a hard on for them for one reason or another - see; Rutgers last year and Hawai'i this year. Hawai'i actually got a first place vote today after edging out 4-8 Washington due to shady officiating. For real?

The whole system is stupid and it's rigged for the same 7 or 8 schools that have all the money and don't do bleepity-bleep for their non-revenue sports. And they usually have zero academic standards for their student-athletes to boot (although that is an entirely different argument and totally unrelated to this one.)

The only way it's ever going to change is if we have a 12- or 16-team playoff - NOT an 8 team playoff because then we'd see the same stupid teams every year regardless of whether they earned it or not.

But it will probably never happen, because Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and a few others control the entire system right now, and why would they want to change a system that screws everyone else but them?

It's such a joke. It takes arguably the most exciting sport in the world, college football, and turns it into a big sham.

Congrats to the Virginia Tech Hokies, MY national champions for 2007. For some people, Hawai'i will be their champion. For others, it will be Georgia, or Oklahoma, or whoever wins all the other BCS games. But one thing is for certain: nobody except the fans of the winner of the title game, the fans of the team that loses the national title game, and maybe some of the morons at ESPN, will consider the "BCS champs" to be a true national champion.

There will only be one Division I national champion this year, and they will be crowned in the 'playoff subdivision.' Unfortunately UMass lost, so go Southern Illinois.


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Joe - NOW do you see what I meant by "enjoy it while it lasts?" You're absolutely right: The BCS system is rigged to ensure that the same schools from the same conferences get preference (don't even get me started about Notre Dame) never mind if some conferences aren't as good as they used to be when the conspiracy began.

If there's any one team that has a right to be upset, it's Georgia. If OSU, who was rises to #1 by virtue of the two teams in front of them losing, shouldn't the Bulldogs also move from #4 to #2?

The whole thing of some conferences having championships and others not having them is also such B.S. It boils down to some teams having 13 games and others having 12. Can you believe that nine teams moved up in the AP poll without playing a down of football yesterday? The only thing I can compare that to has to do with the attractiveness of folks at last call (Joe, that's as clean as I can keep it, but I know you know what I mean).

I'd gladly take a system like the formerly known as I-AA and modify to fit the needs of TV, but it'll NEVER happen. The current system simply makes too much money.

Joe Grav said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for weeks, and I am so glad someone finally agrees with me. Everyone always talks about what LSU did well, and not how they lost twice to unranked football teams.

Anonymous said...

My biggest complaint is that Hawaii doesn't get a chance to play for the national title. Now I know that they haven't played the toughest schedule, but they are the ONLY undefeated team in college football. That being said, they should get a chance to play for the title. What makes LSU's 2 losses any less significant than Oklahoma's, or USC's, or Kansas's 1 loss. The whole BCS system is terrible and we need a playoff.

A Spirit Fan

Anonymous said...

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