Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's official: North Shore Navigators

Worst kept secret in town, I know, but it's official as of yesterday:
we are the North Shore Navigators.

Check our our site at (very much under construction right now).

I'll write more soon, but this is exam week so I gotta run.... go Navs!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck on exams Joe

Joe Grav said...

i appreciate it :D 2 more to go...

DaveCo said...

Nice,good luck and enjoy the upcmonign break,I'm sure you need it.

As for that press conference,it went very well. Good to get associated with the people.
But filming it sucked. Not only did I forget a few things,but the audio is bad. I have to do a lot of tinkering with it before we can even dream of putting this thing on the air. =[

Anonymous said...

Okay Guys! The float is good to go if anyone is still interested. The other truck fell through at the last minute so I've been scrambling since 6 am to get us anther truck.
Everyone should meet at 4 p.m. at John's Oil on Summer Street. This is the staging area.
Look for G&J Towing -- they are providing us with a brand new ramp truck. You could also ask for Nahant Police Lt. Thomas Hutton- he'll know where to direct you.
I need someone to volunteer to meet me earlier to pick to start decorating. Any volunteers
PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL ME to let me know you got this message and are attending.
DAVE- The Santa Suit will be there for you and don't forget the box office sign.
BOB K- Please don't forget the banners.
KEVIN K- Please don't forget the sound system.
SPIRIT PLAYERS- Please wear your Spirit uniforms if you still have them.
EVERYONE- PLEASE WEAR YOUR SPIRIT GEAR & we could use some more candy to throw if anyone would like to pick up some.

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DaveCo said...

hahahahahhahaaha @ the translation

ALSO: Happy new year everyone! ^_^